The Ultimate Fuvahmulah Travel Guide
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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Discover Paradise

The ultimat travel guide to Fuvahmulah provides a comprehensive information about the island for the first time travellers.

Table of Contents

  1. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Fuvahmulah History 
  2. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Geography of Fuvahmulah 
  3. How to get to Fuvahmulah?
  4. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Is Fuvahmulah Expensive?
  5. What is the best time of the year to visit Fuvahmulah?
  6. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Where to stay in Fuvahmulah?
  7. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Cafés and Restaurents in Fuvahmulah 
  8. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Things to do in Fuvahmulah 
  9. Transportation in Fuvahmulah
  10. Packing for Fuvahmulah
    1. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Beauty products
    2. Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Electronics
  11. Should you get travel insurance for Fuvahmulah?

Fuvahmulah derives its name from the areca nut palm, Fuvah, in the Dhivehi dialect spoken there. Fuvahmulah, one of the most picturesque islands in the Maldives, is home to about 13,000 people and is situated in the southern part of the archipelago.

The Ultimate Fuvahmulah Travel Guide
Photo Credit: Lets go Fuvahmulah

The island’s primary industries, which include tourism, fishing, and agriculture, are separated into eight municipal districts. Fuvahmulah is renowned for its rich vegetation, which includes taro fields, coconut palms, Malabar plums, and an abundance of mango trees.

Approximately 2017, Fuvahmulah began to attract tourists as a shark diving location. In contrast to other Maldivian islands, Fuvahmulah has just recently seen tourism. As a result, the island still has some of the warmth and character of the locals, and some local rituals are upheld.

Fuvahmulah Island: Top 10 Fascinating Facts

Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Fuvahmulah History 

Gen Miskiy.
Gen Miskiy. One of the oldest mosques in Fuvahmulah. Photo Credit: The Edition

Fuvahmulah has little recorded history, and the island still retains only a small number of historical sites, including Gemmisky and Havitta.

The stupa remnants of a Buddhist temple known as Havitta are situated in the Dhadimagu ward of the island, which has since been annexed by Hoadhadu. Dhadimagu was the last island division to join Islam as it served as the centre of the Buddhist community prior to the advent of Islam. Havitta was buried behind a mound of earth by the Dhadimagu people after they converted to Islam. The first mosque on the island, called Gemmiskiy, was subsequently built from one of the neighbouring temples. Due to excavations carried out in the early 1980s, a large portion of the Havitta ruins are no longer visible.

Constructed approximately around 1300, Gemmiskiy is the oldest mosque in the Maldives and the first mosque built in Fuvahmulah following the conversion to Islam. The mosque, which was constructed of coral stones and features two wells, is still standing today. Within the mosque’s grounds lies an old tomb that is thought to be the resting place of Islamic leader Addu Meedhoo Abu Bakr Naib Kaleygefaanu, who also constructed the mosque. The local community specifically meets at Gemmiskiy twice a year for their Eid prayers; this has become a tradition.

Formerly a breakaway state of the Republic of Maldives, Fuvahmulah was a component of the United Suvadive Republic. Tensions between the Southern Atolls and the Central Government Fuvahmulah increased after the war, leading to a secession. Huvadhoo, Fuvahmulah, and Addu, the southernmost atolls of the Maldives, comprised the short-lived breakaway state that existed from 1958 to 1963.

Vasho Veyo Fuvahmulah

Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Geography of Fuvahmulah 

Fuvahmulah is only 33 miles from the Equator and about 500 kilometres south of Male, the capital of the Maldives. At approximately 4.5 km long and 1.2 km wide, the island ranks third in size within the archipelago. The only island atoll in the Maldives, Fuvahmulah is encircled by deep waters. Fuvahmulah is vulnerable to significant ocean swells and lacks a lagoon, in contrast to other Maldivian islands. 

It is known that there once was a small islet with a saltwater lagoon that served as a natural harbour near Fuvahmulah’s southernmost point. Massive coral caused the lagoon’s channel to narrow over time, lowering the island’s centre relative to its boundaries. Today, the inner lagoon is famous for its two freshwater lakes, Dhadimagi Kilhi and Bandaara Kilhi, and has lost its saltiness. The marshlands that encircle the lakes are mostly covered in thick fern, reed, and taro fields vegetation.

The underwater topography of Fuvahmulah is unique, featuring a submerged reef that stretches for approximately 3 kilometres in the southeast. The waters that encircle the island range anything from 5 m to over 2000 m distant from any landmasses. As a result, the island experiences nutrient-rich ocean currents that provide the perfect setting for a variety of pelagic species to spawn and clean.

Dhandimagi Kilhi
Photo Credit: The Island Chief

How to get to Fuvahmulah?

Fuvahmulah airport
Photo: Fuvahmulah Airport.

Maldivian Aero presently operates four daily flights between Male’ and Fuvahmulah from the island’s domestic airport.

Another way to go to Fuvahmulah is by ferry from Feydhoo Harbour in Addu. The speedboat ferry, which runs every day except Friday, takes around one hour and fifteen minutes to get to Addu, the southern most atoll in the Maldives.

Ferry Service From Fuvahmulah to Addu

RTL Ferry service in Fuvahmulah
RTL ferry service between Fuvahmulah to Addu. Photo Credit: Atoll Times

There is a speedboat ferry service between Addu and Fuvahmulah in addition to the domestic flights between Male’ and Fuvahmulah. You might want to think about using the speedboat ferry service if you’re travelling to or from Addu. With the exception of Fridays, the ferry service runs every day. Depending on the state of the sea, it can take 45 to 90 minutes. 

You would need to travel to Feydhoo port if you were travelling from Addu to Fuvahmulah. If you’re landing at Gan International Airport or disembarking from a liveaboard at a port, you can take a taxi.

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Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Is Fuvahmulah Expensive?

A seven-day journey to Fuvahmulah typically costs $1000 for an individual, $2000 for a couple, and $3000 for a family of four. While most vacation rentals in Fuvahmulah cost between $100 and $200 per night for the entire house, hotels in the area range from $46 to $212 per night on average. A return domestic aeroplane ticket from Male to Fuvahmulah costs about $250.

The cost of a daily vacation might vary greatly depending on your interests. A great meal might run you approximately $18 per person, while a fine dining restaurant with beverages around Fuvahmulah can easily cost you $25 or more per person. Although self-guided trips to explore the outdoor sights might be free, private tours can be up to $528 per day. Recommendations are based on averages for this kind of vacation and the cost of living, although prices might vary greatly.

Despite the amazing diving, Fuvahmulah is among the most affordable destinations for budget divers in the Maldives. Depending on how many dives you want to perform and whether you have your own equipment, you should budget upwards of $40 per dive. The more dives you book, the less expensive diving becomes, as is customary with diving packages.  

What is the best time of the year to visit Fuvahmulah?

Weather in Fuvahmulah
Average day and night temperature. Photo credit: Weather & Climate

When making travel plans, are you concerned about the hordes of tourists or the closing times of Fuvahmulah? When you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and not worry about such difficulties is when Fuvahmulah is at its best. The greatest activities are available at this time of year in Fuvahmulah, along with a pleasant climate. If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Fuvahmulah, it’s preferable to go when it’s not too busy so you can have a great time without worrying about little things.

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There is very little variation in Fuvahmulah’s average temperature. Because of the humidity, it feels hot all year round and there is very little probability of rain. Compared to other tourist locations globally, the area is less temperate than some, with good weather falling within the 26th percentile.  April, May, and June are the hottest months to visit Fuvahmulah if you’re seeking for the warmest time of year. View the average monthly temperature in the section below. The middle of April is usually the warmest period of year, with highs of 89.5°F (31.9°C) and unusual nighttime lows of 78.9°F (26.1°C).

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Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Where to stay in Fuvahmulah?

There are numerous hotels and guesthouses in Fuvahmulah, including:

Calyx Grand 

Calyx Grand in Fuvahmulah

Situated in the heart of Fuvamulah island, Calyx Grand offers personalised service to ensure a luxurious experience throughout your stay on this local Maldivian island. Immerse yourself in a serene and calm atmosphere, and enjoy the utmost luxury of island living.

Marina Boutique Hotel

The Marina Boutique Hotel is a recently established hotel on Fuvahmulah island, featuring a modern style and incorporating tropical elements. Embark on the Dream Maldives Holiday and immerse yourself in the authentic Maldivian lifestyle and culture by residing on a local island.

Cottage 316 Fuvahmulah

Indulge in a serene and delightful holiday getaway at Cottage 316 Fuvamulah, located in one of the most exquisite islands in the Maldives. Uncover the uncomplicated and serene lifestyle of the Maldivian people and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the island.

Veyli Residence Maldives

Veyli Residence Maldives offers optimal lodging in the midst of the tropical city of Fuvahmulah. Indulge in the luxurious and sophisticated accommodations of the residence to truly immerse yourself in the unique charm of Fuvahmulah.

Vieni Qua Grand

Vieni Qua Grand is a Bed & Breakfast Guest House located in the northernmost town on the island. It offers 4 Deluxe Rooms and provides excellent services at an affordable price.

Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Cafés and Restaurents in Fuvahmulah 

Fuvahmulah is a large island, so a lot of restaurants are run there, serving a variety of delectable cuisines. Thus, when visiting Fuvahmulah, there won’t be a shortage of places to dine. We recommend to experience Maldivian cuisine.

Cafe’ Eden

This café-restaurant is the ideal small location in the heart of Fuvahmulah. Wonderful ambiance with an abundance of flowers and plants to complement the delectable drinks and sweet pastries.  It’s a secret haven of bliss. The staff is amiable and cares after you well.

Cafe Eden
Photo: Cafe Eden

Royal Restaurant

A excellent place to go on a date night is the Royal Restaurant, which serves all meals. The Royal Restaurant provides a variety of cuisines that are sure to tantalise your taste buds, all in a pleasant yet rustic setting. You can book romantic dinners at the Royal Restaurant with candles lighting. A restaurant featuring multiple cuisines, delicious food, and gorgeous dishes.

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Pebbles by Royal

With an amazing view of the beach, this restaurant is located near to Thundi Beach. With its stunning view of the starry sky, this restaurant could be ideal for a romantic supper with your significant other. In addition, as the sun sets, evening tea at the Pebbles by Royal may be breathtaking.

Pebbles by Royal
Photo: Pebbles by Royal

Real Breeze

One of the finest restaurants in Fuvahmulah with excellent food is Real Breeze. They offer a variety of tasty ethnic dishes, including Indian and many more. You can count on the courteous and kind staff of Real Breeze to provide you with an excellent eating experience.

Real Breez
Photo: Real Breeze

Briques Icicles

Briques Icicles, located in front of Fuvahmulah City Airport, should definitely be on your list of restaurants to visit in the Maldives. The coffee cafe is a fantastic place to spot aeroplanes and has a laid-back ambiance. They provide a wide range of food, from delectable waffles to succulent hamburgers that will make you crave more.


Drippers is an ice cream shop, coffee, and boutique located on Bahaaru Magu road. Serving the greatest coffee, waffles, shakes, and ice cream on the island is something Drippers takes great delight in doing. If you adore all of the above, you have to see this.


Baabaa Gaadiya 

In Fuvahmulah, there’s an eatery called Baabaa Gaadiya that serves rapid street cuisine. You don’t need to search any farther if you’re craving grilled meat because they serve a variety of barbecued foods and snacks.

Both locals and tourists love Cool Banana. Located close to Ataraxis and Maa Thundi, it’s one of the busiest dining spots in Fuvahmulah. They provide a range of food options and cool beverages that are ideal for Fuvahmulah’s sunny weather.

Baabaa Gaadiya
Photo: Baba Gaadiya

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Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Things to do in Fuvahmulah 

With a plethora of captivating destinations and enjoyable activities, a trip to Fuvahmulah promises an indelible and pleasurable experience. The aesthetic appeal of Fuvahmulah is astonishing.

Exploring the under water world in Fuvahmulah

Diğer Shark in Fuvahmulah
Photo: tiger Shark in Fuvahmulah. Photo Credit: Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah

Exploring the underwater world in Fuvahmulah may be an incredibly enjoyable and thrilling experience.

This location is renowned as an exceptional diving destination for observing tiger sharks.The Fuvahmulah tiger shark site offers an assured diving experience where tiger sharks can be observed throughout the year, on a daily basis.

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Exploring the waters of Fuvahmulah offers thrilling and enjoyable diving experiences, including the opportunity to witness tiger shark feeding and encounter whale sharks, black oceanic mantas, and several other marine animals.

Moreover, the abundant marine biodiversity in Fuvahmulah is a remarkable sight to behold. The opportunity to witness shark feeding in Fuvahmulah, guided by experienced divers, might be an exceptional trip for you.

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Beachside picnic at Thundi Beach

Thundi, Fuvahmulah
Photo: Thundi Photo Credit: Maldives independent

Fuvahmulah Thundi is a picturesque beach adorned with small, smooth stones that provide a captivating and enchanting sight.

The beach with impressive waves could be an ideal subject for your Instagram photograph.You have the option to don your swimwear and carry a hamper of food together with a beach mat, allowing you to relish the refreshing sea wind while basking in the radiant sunlight.Enjoy a serene and rejuvenating retreat at the picturesque Fuvahmulah.

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Exploring the ancient site of Havitta

Habitat, Fuvahmulah
Photo: Havitta

The Havitta is situated at the northeastern tip of Fuvahmulah.The structure is a dilapidated Buddhist chatiya, characterised by a deteriorated stupa as its primary element.During the preIslamic time, it served as the primary hub for the Buddhist community.Upon the acceptance of Islam in Dhadimagu, this temple became buried beneath layers of sand.

Engaging in water sports  activities in the Dhadimagi Kilhi

Dhadhimagi Kilhi is the second largest lake in Fuvahmulah, following Bandaara Kilhi. It has a depth of 4 feet.This location is ideal for swimming, as it is surrounded by lush flora.Furthermore, if you choose to remain free from moisture and explore the kilhi, you have the option to embark on a canoe and propel yourself with a paddle.

Only a limited number of bird species can be found in the Dhadimagi Kilhi, including the common moorhen and the Maldivian white-breasted waterhen. The kilhi attracts seasonal avian species like as herons and white terns.Feeding the fish might be enjoyable if you are visiting with your children.

Enjoy Rejuvenating Mud baths in Koda Kilhi

Mud bathing in Koda kills
Photo: Mud bathing in Koda Kilhi

Adjacent to Bandaara Kilhi, Koda Kilhi is certainly a nice location for bathing. There is no need to be concerned, as it is simply a mud bath. Without indulging in a mud bath, a vacation to Fuvahmulah would lack excitement and interest.

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Due to their therapeutic properties and mineral content, mud baths are extensively utilised in spas. Therefore, why not avail yourself of the opportunity to experience them for free in Fuvahmulah? Enhance your adventure with a brief indulgence in a spa experience.

Exploration of the Scenic Bandaara Kilhi 

Bandara Kilhi
Photo: Bandara Kilhi Photo Credit: Maldives insider

Bandaara Kilhi, located in Fuvahmulah, is the lake with the highest volume among the two lakes in Fuvahmulah.

The captivating photographs taken here are truly awe-inspiring and remarkable. The presence of an observation platform in the Bandaara Kilhi facilitates easy access to the area, although swimming is prohibited due to the presence of muddy shorelines.

The picturesque location is abundant with lush greenery and an array of fish, which were historically harvested for consumption as well. In addition, a restaurant called Lakeside Restaurant has been constructed in a traditional style in Bandaara Kilhi. 

This establishment offers a breathtaking view of the Kilhi. In addition to these activities, in Bandaara Kilhi you have the opportunity to further explore the area by paddling in canoes. You will undoubtedly be astounded by the exquisite location.

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Transportation in Fuvahmulah

How to get around Fuvahmulah 

There are taxi centers in the island, however the most prevalent and widely used mode of transportation is the scooter or motorcycle. The Maldives transport, contracting, and construction accompany (MTCC) offers bus services exclusively within the island.

Rent a Scooter 

Scooter rentals allow you to visit and take advantage of additional Fuvahmulah activities. The nature park, old mosques, lounging at a roadside stand run by locals, and cafes are among the well-liked tourist destinations in Fuvahmulah. Extreme Dive Fuvahmulah offers day scooter rentals so you can explore Fuvahmulah.

Motor Cycle Rentals in Fuvahmulah
Photo: Motorcycle Rental In Fuvahmulah

Packing for Fuvahmulah

When preparing for a trip to Fuvahmulah, it is equally crucial to be aware of what items to exclude as it is to be aware of what items to include.

When utilising a domestic transfer, there are certain restrictions regarding luggage. The standard weight limit for baggage on a domestic flight is typically 20 kilogrammes per individual.

However, if you exceed the weight limit, you will incur an additional charge of around US$5 per kilogramme. It is advisable to avoid carrying excessive luggage.

Here are a few items that you should exclude from your packing list for Fuvahmulah

Lightweight clothing – Exclude heavier garments from your Fuvahmulah packing list, as the tropical heat renders them unnecessary. Despite the rain, the temperature remains warm.

Exclude heeled shoes from your Fuvahmulah packing list, as high heels and formal shoes are seldom necessary. The islands’ laid-back atmosphere and sandy landscape render such footwear quite impractical.

Electronics – Although your camera, e-reader, and smartphone are important items to include on your Fuvahmulah packing list, it is advisable to refrain from excessively burdening your luggage with an excessive number of electronic gadgets. Seize the opportunity to detach yourself and fully engage in the exquisite natural splendour of Fuvahmulah.

There is an excessive number of items. The high humidity might cause discomfort while wearing heavy makeup, thus it is advisable to bring your most minimalistic cosmetics.

If you do not have a strong preference for your own snorkelling or scuba diving equipment, it is worth noting that the majority of hotels and dive facilities in Fuvahmulah offer all the essential gear. Nevertheless, several couples opt to carry their own items due to concerns about cleanliness.

Avoid the risk of experiencing a situation similar to Kim Kardashian’s by refraining from bringing expensive jewels, especially those with high monetary or emotional value, with you. It is advisable to wear your engagement and wedding rings, but ensure that they fit securely and are not slack.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Fuvahmulah, Maldives, due to the enforcement of sharia law. It is unlawful to import alcohol into the nation. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from purchasing duty-free items throughout your journey and instead, opt to wait until you get at the resort, where you can indulge in an unlimited number of delectable cocktails.

Key Essentials for packing for Fuvahmulah

The majority of countries are exempt from the requirement of obtaining a visa in advance for entry into the Maldives. Providing evidence of your return flight should be adequate for the immigration authorities. Ensure that your passport has a ‘expiry date’ that is a minimum of 6 months beyond your departure date from the Maldives.

Given that the majority of documentation are now in electronic form, it is important to ensure that you have your boarding pass or e-ticket, as well as your transfer and hotel confirmation, accessible on your mobile device.

Certain travel immunisations are advised for the Maldives. We recommend that you visit the website of the Centres for Disease Control and Maldives health protection agency for the most current travel immunisation advice, or consult with a specialist in Tropical Medicine.

Bringing a large amount of cash is unnecessary when visiting the Maldives, as the local currency (Maldivian Rufiyaa) may be obtained at the airport. If you choose to bring cash, it is advisable to have US dollars in tiny denominations, preferably in new and undamaged condition.

Typically, you finalise your payment using a credit card towards the conclusion of your visit, eliminating the need to carry physical currency while in Fuvahmulah. Notify your bank of your travel plans and inquire about any necessary precautions to prevent complications when using your card overseas.

Tipping is neither obligatory or anticipated as a service charge is already included in your payment, but it is valued. For optimal gratuity, it is recommended to provide cash in an envelope to a resort staff member at the conclusion of your visit. Ensure that you include the following items in your packing:

  • Passports
  • Travel Documents / Confirmations 
  • Tickets, Boarding passes + Vouchers 
  • Visa & Entry Requirements Information 
  • Travel insurance details 
  • Travel Vaccination Certificate 
  • Padi Scuba Diving Certificate (if applicable)
  • Contact information for emergencies 
  • Credit and debit cards 
  • Driver’s license 
  • Local currency (if needed) 
  • Money wallet or belt

Apparel and Personal Accessories

Allocate the majority of your time to wearing swimwear, therefore, ensure you bring a variety of swimsuits, bikinis and stylish beach cover-ups such as kaftans.

Including many pairs of your preferred sunglasses is a crucial include for your Fuvahmulah packing list.

Include lightweight summer dresses or shorts, as well as tops like vests, tank tops, and t-shirts, for casual lunches. Additionally, add attractive dresses or playsuits to your packing list for evening wear in Fuvahmulah.

Men might opt for long linen trousers, which are perfect for evening meals.

We already advised against wearing high heels, but it is essential to bring along some stylish flip flops, thongs, sliders, or sandals.

Ensure that you have at least one sun hat and a stylish beach bag. 

Consider wearing a rashguard for daytime activities in the lagoon and remember to acquire water shoes or aqua shoes for snorkelling excursions.

Remember to include comfortable attire for the flight, such as athleisure gear, trainers, scarves and socks.

Individuals who have a strong affinity for physical fitness may find it advantageous to bring their exercise equipment. We suggest engaging in a barefoot jog along the beach and participating in morning yoga or pilates as alternatives to going to the gym.

Please remember to bring your own stylish beach towel. Nevertheless, Fuvahmulah hotels offer beach towels, allowing you to forgo packing them if your Fuvahmulah packing list is already excessive.

Personal Care

Personal care is inherently individual and tailored to each person’s own needs and preferences. Extract the necessary items from this section to supplement your Fuvahmulah packing list.

For instance, while you may have a fondness for your personal hair dryer, it is worth noting that your villa will already be equipped with one, thus potentially eliminating the necessity of bringing your own.

Sunscreen is a crucial addition to your Fuvahmulah packing list. 

If you do not currently possess a hanging toiletries travel bag, it is advisable to acquire one at this moment. These convenient bags are unquestionably superior.

  • Reusable cotton pads 
  • Cotton buds / Q-tips 
  • Face Cloths / Body Cloths or Brushes 
  • Cleanser 
  • Toners / Serums / Face masks / Oils 
  • Moisturiser 
  • Face SPF 
  • Body Wash / Shower Gel 
  • Body Lotion 
  • Body SPF 
  • Aftersun Lotion 
  • Deodorant 
  • Perfumes 
  • Shampoo 
  • Conditioner / Hair Masks 
  • Styling products 
  • Hair Dryer 
  • Hair Straightener / Curlers 
  • Hair Brushes / Combs 
  • Hair ties / pins / clips 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Floss / Interdental brushes 
  • Mouthwash 
  • Razors / hair removal products 
  • SPF lip balm 
  • Hand Lotion 
  • Nail File 
  • Nail clippers 
  • Nail Oil 
  • Tweezers 
  • Eyedrops 
  • Feminine hygiene 
  • Tissues 
  • Massage Oils / Lubricant 
  • Toiletries Bag 
  • Clear travel liquids bags

Personal Care

When preparing for the Fuvahmulah, it is important to consider your healthcare needs and include any necessary items.If you want medical attention for a relatively mild condition, there is a Hospital available on the Island.

It is imperative to have travel insurance in place when you are travelling. It is essential to get insurance in the event of a severe illness.

The Fuvahmulah island council plans to conduct a mosquito control operation by spraying the island. Nevertheless, we strongly advise bringing along certain items to protect against mosquitoes, such as: – Contraception or birth control methods – Vitamins and supplements – Bandaids – Pain relief medication like aspirin or paracetamol – Hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipes – Insect repellent containing DEET or a bite pen – Medication for travel sickness – Antihistamine medication – Anti-diarrheal medication – Prescription medications – Contact lenses or glasses

Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Beauty products

We advise you to bring minimalistic clothing options as the climate in Fuvahmulah is hot, and you will likely be spending a significant amount of time in the Indian Ocean or enjoying a swim in your private pool.

Nevertheless, for our female individuals who enjoy looking glamorous and require to pack their necessary items, here is our convenient inventory to ensure you do not overlook your preferred cosmetics.

The items included in a typical make-up bag are: micellar water, primers, foundation, concealer, highlighter, contour, powder, blushes, eyeshadows, eye liners, mascara, brow products, lip liner, lipsticks, lipgloss, and make-up brushes.

Travel Guide to Fuvahmulah: Electronics

The majority of Fuvahmulah Hotels utilise UK-style plugs and operate at a voltage of 230V. Including a universal travel plug converter in your Fuvahmulah packing list is crucial. 

While many couples rely on their smartphones for photos, it is worth noting that the Maldives is renowned as one of the most visually stunning honeymoon destinations worldwide. Therefore, if you possess a camera, it is advisable to bring it along.

Adding a waterproof phone cover or a complete underwater camera casing to your Maldives packing list would be really beneficial. You have the ability to capture those extraordinary underwater photographs.

Considering whether to bring a drone or embrace the lifestyle of a top influencer? 

Prior to taking your recreational drone, it is advisable to inquire with your hotel regarding the necessity of obtaining permission for its usage.  Compose a concise email to your hotel inquiring about their regulations regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Ensure that you bring the following items for your trip: – Apple AirPods or your preferred headphones – Universal plug adapters – Camera with SD cards and battery/charger – Drone with SD card and battery/charger – Smartwatch with charger – Phone with charger and power bank – Laptop or Tablet with charger – E-Reader with charger – Travel speakers with charger

When embarking on your journey to the Maldives, it is important to prioritise your comfort, especially if you are flying in economy class.

A versatile travel accessory that we highly recommend is a 2-in-1 travel blanket and pillow. This convenient item easily attaches to your cabin suitcase, making it a practical choice for your travels.

  • Eye Mask 
  • Ear plugs  
  • Flight Socks – Do you want to play a prank on your loved one? Obtain a design of their face printed on your flying socks. 
  • Pack of playing cards 
  • Literature or periodicals 
  • Refreshments

Should you get travel insurance for Fuvahmulah?

Obtaining travel insurance is consistently recommended for any significant journey. There are companies who offers travel insurance to individuals. This insurance is specifically created for travellers and provides coverage for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, lost or damaged baggage, as well as a variety of adventure sports and activities.

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