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Welcome to the Maldives Travel Insider!

Know the Maldives as you never knew it before through the Maldives Travel Insider, your number one guide to unlocking the mysteries of this captivating place. Whether you are a frequent flyer or intending to travel for the first time in your life, we promise to provide insider tips, professional advice and all necessary motivation which will make your adventure in Maldives truly epic.

Our Aim

At Maldives Travel Insider, we believe that there is nothing as beautiful as sharing magic with others. Our objective is to equip tourists with all information and tools they may need while experiencing this paradise on earth. We focus on unexplored areas; luxurious hotels as well as water sports that will ensure you have lasting memories during your visit in maldivian islands.

What We Have

Maldives boast of transparent waters, clean beaches not forgetting lively sea animals hence making it perfect destination for those in need of relaxation, thrill or love. On this website, tourists can find everything required when planning for their ideal holiday in maldives such as;

Detailed descriptions about each atoll with tips from insiders who know them well plus suggestions given by locals themselves.

Critiques done by visitors regarding different types accommodation facilities found all over this archipelago including resorts considered best so far; guesthouses and also small private hotels commonly known as boutique joints among others.

Insider’s view concerning maldivian culture together with what makes their dishes unique followed by various customs practiced here over centuries.

Travel experts’ recommendations on how best one should plan his/her journey like which mode of transport should be used while travelling from one island another or what kind visa requirement needs fulfilment alongside packing list advise etcetera are offered here too without biasness towards any company involved into tourism industry within Maldives region.

Must try activities ranging from diving sites whereby beginners can learn how scuba dive up sunset boat trips where you get chance watch dolphins playing around close proximity islands during golden hours are also featured under this section.

Our Staff

Behind Maldives Travel Insider, there are passionate wanderers, authors as well as cameramen who share common interest of visiting maldives. Having spent many years exploring different parts comprising these tropical heaven on earth; therefore, accurate information that is updated frequently without being biased towards any particular establishment or operator within tourism sector of Maldives can always be provided by them.


We strongly feel that travelling becomes more enjoyable if shared with others hence would like to welcome you into our community full fellow travellers and madivian admirers. You can follow us on various social media platforms where we keep posting photos from trips made around different atolls in maldvies so far then also share your own holiday experience while interacting with other people’s content thereby giving us feedback about what worked well during their stay here and what did not plus suggestions for improvement too which serve as reliable source information worldwide for those planning visit maldives.

Thank you for selecting Maldives Travel Insider to guide you through maritime region of the indian ocean. Our aim is inspire discover adventure and create memories that will last forever in one’s life time