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The Ultimate Guide to Diving in Fuvahmulah, Maldives 

Fuvahmulah is situated in the southern parts of Maldives. The island is a hidden gem among divers searching for an unmatched underwater experience. The island has exceptional geological features and rich marine life, which makes it the best place to dive for both beginners and experienced divers. In this complete guide, we will delve deeper into diving in Fuvahmulah by covering its awesome dive sites, marine biodiversity abundance as well as important tips to get more out of your underwater adventure.

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Why Diving in Fuvahmulah?

Diving in Fuvahmulah

There are plenty of treasures for diving in Fuvahmulah that all levels of divers can enjoy. There are several strong reasons why every diver should prioritize diving at Fuvamulah.

1. Diving in Fuvahmulah: Thriving Marine Biodiversity

In fact, there is a diverse range of marine life you can find in Fuvamulah such as Whale Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead sharks and Manta rays from the ocean. Its nutrient-rich waters have colourful coral reefs packed with fish that create an incredible show every time you dive.

At Fuvahmulah seven different kinds of rare sharks may be spotted within a single dive. Even tiger shark encounters are common on almost daily basis besides thresher sharks gazing at shallow cleaning stations and large schools of oceanic manta rays.

Meet massive whale sharks, Mola-Mola as well as schools of great and scalloped hammerheads.Great pelagics may be viewed together throughout the year only in their natural habitat off coastlines of Fuvahmulah.

Diving in Fuvahmulah
Female scuba diver admires underwater scene including a shoal of fish and a red fan coral

2. Diving in Fuvahmulah: Unique Geological Features

One of the most spectacular features is its rocky seacoast characterized by steep drop-offs, caves and overhangs along it that marks some distinctness in it from other islands. These features provide stunning underwater scenery and act as ideal habitats for a wide range of aquatic animals.

3. Diving in Fuvahmulah: Year-Round Diving Conditions

Diving in Fuvahmulah offers conditions throughout the year unlike some seasonal dive sites. Water temperatures are warm ranging from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius (80 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit) and visibility is often over 30 meters (100 feet). Consequently, divers can always enjoy favorable diving conditions no matter what time of the year it is.

4. Off-the-Beaten-Path Experience

Since mass tourists are yet to invade Fuvamulah, it guarantees more intimate and authentic diving in Fuvahmulah experience. As a result of being free from crowds of tourists, pristine reefs can be visited by divers who want to see marine life in its natural surroundings.

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Snorkelling in Fuvahmulah
A scuba diver explores a colorful coral reef in the Fuvahmulah, Maldives, full of fish and sea life

Best Places to Diving in Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah Diving sites

Fuvamulah has an amazing array of dive sites each with its own unique underwater treasure and attraction. Here are some few diving places in Fuvamulah that you must not afford to miss:

1. Gotha Kandu

Gotha Kandu is widely known for its thrilling current dives as well as diverse marine species that can be found when Diving in Fuvahmulah. It is located at the southernmost point of Fuvamulah and strong currents, vibrant corals, vertical drops attract pelagic creatures like sharks, eagle rays or schools of barracuda. More experienced divers will enjoy the exhilarating drift dives along the channel while less experienced ones can explore the protected coral gardens inside the lagoon.

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2.Tiger Zoo

Consequently, for several decades, the diving community of the world were oblivious to this extremely rich and beautiful underwater realm at Fuvahmulah. The island’s reefs remained unexplored until 2017 when the Fuvahmulah diving school started exploring it. Since then, the reputation of Fuvahmulah as a unique Maldivian destination has grown tremendously. During daytime, a good number of tiger sharks can be seen in this place.

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Tiger shark in Fuvahmulah
Tiger Shark Zoo

3.Thoondu Kandu

Thoondu Kandu is one best place diving in Fuvahmulah and is found on Fuvahmulah’s western side and displays an undersea scene with swim-through’s and towering coral pinnacles that one will find enticingly magnificent. At this dive site one can frequently find large pelagic fish such as tiger sharks and hammerheads especially in the early morning hours. For underwater photographers, heaven would be having a taste of these brightly coloured flower gardens with reef fish and other little marine creatures.

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4.Geydhoshu Kandu

Geydhoshu Kandu, another best place diving in Fuvahmulah, it lies on the northern side of Fuvahmulah Island; it is an interesting dive spot known for its beautiful coral structures as well as abundant marine life. It has got a big plateau with overhangs and coral bommies which are homes to wide range of reef organisms. Besides schools of jacks, turtles or reef sharks divers may also get lucky enough to see mantas that fly gracefully above them.

5.Wadi Kandu

In contrast to huge swim-through’s and underwater caves Wadi Kandu located southeast from Fuvahmulah offers almost unique diving experience beneath water. The area is renowned for its nurse shark population who often lie on sandy cave bottoms while divers may explore colourful coral gardens decorated by different colours anemones and soft corals making endless background for underwater photography.

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Tiger shark
Tiger Shark with multicoloured reef fishes

6.Masparra Thila

A fascinating underwater pinnacle just off Fuvahmulah’s north coast, the Indian Ocean rises to Masparra Thila. The place is famous for its wide range of aquatic life including batfish, fusiliers and snappers swimming in shoals around the pinnacle. Apart from this, open water may be roamed by eagle rays, grey reef sharks or even whale sharks.

Fishes and Sharks commonly seen around Fuvahmulah

1.Tiger Sharks

Perhaps the only diving location in Asia where one can see tiger sharks on daily basis. Since this waste attracts them to this region too, it does not matter what time of year or weather conditions they may pop up anytime. Up to several dozen five meter long sharks can flock to a diver at once. While there are no dangerous species nearby certified shark behavior guides working for Fuvahmulah Dive warn their guests about possible dangers before every dive and take all necessary precautions.

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Diving in Fuvahmulah

2.Hammerhead sharks

Hammerhead sharks do occur in isolation throughout the year over Fuvahmulah area but these sightings are mainly accidental ones .Fortunately as far as watching huge schools of scalloped hammerheads which usually surround an atoll are concerned, right current should be utilized for experiencing them.

As such any month can experience these events but January through March have more chances. Though great hammerhead sharks may appear near the atoll you will hardly ever meet any of them. Hammerhead dives in Fuvahmulah should only be attempted by experienced divers since they are typically deep and with strong currents.

3.Thresher sharks

Extraordinary opportunities for spotting these rare animals are provided by Fuvahmulah, a source of mesmerizing experiences. “Thresher sharks”, as they are known, which are deep-water sharks, constantly move to shallow areas and visit the reef cleaning stations.

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Thresher sharks in Fuvahmulah
Thresher sharks in Fuvahmulah

In the dim light of early morning or dusk, these cleaning stations are often the only visible places, and in order to observe them a diver has to perform a deep dive. They are located at less depths reaching only 12–15 meters for instance thresher sharks can be seen in Fuvahmulah at any time of day as long as you visit it the right season. You might even get lucky enough to see them jump out of water.
The guides at Fuvahmulah Dive School know how to take visitors where they need to go at what specific point. Thresher sharks move around different localities within the Island. It’s possible to see threshersharks during all seasons, but from April till November tourists have more chances.

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4. Oceanic manta rays

Unlike other Maldives atolls, there are no reef mantas on Fuvamulah. Instead, the most common one is black oceanic manta ray which is found in this Atoll in 80% cases when this wonderful species was spotted from Maldives.

One can spot individuals all year round at cleaning stations; nonetheless visiting Fuamulah during breeding period between March and May astonishes travelers. That’s when hundreds of black oceanic manta rays arrive making it one of Asia’s strangest diving experiences.The exact timing of this event is difficult to predict since it varies each year.

Manatrays in Fuvahmulah
Diver with Oceanic Manta ray

Dive centres in Fuvahmulah

Choosing a suitable diving centre will significantly contribute towards your sub-aquatic exploration in Fuvamulah.Following are some leading dive centers that exist in Fuvamulah:

Scuba Club Fuvahmulah
Fuvahmulah Scuba Club

1. Dive Blue Maldives

Dive Blue Maldives is a known reputable diving center found in Fuvahmulah offering various diving services for every level diver.Dive Blue Maldives ensures its visitors a safe and enjoyable diving trip through well-maintained equipment and competent dive instructors.The Dive Blue Maldives has you covered from beginners looking to get certified to seasoned divers searching for thrilling underwater adventures.

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2. Fuvahmulah Dive School

Fuvahmulah Dive School is another option that is popular among divers who plan to visit Fuvamulah.The dive school takes pride in providing personalized instruction and supervision for every diver, emphasizing individualized service and attention.Diving at your own pace with intimate, laid-back diving from small groups of people like Fuvahmulah Dive School can lead you through the stunning underwater landscapes of the island at any time.

3. Fuvahmulah Central Dive Centre

One reputable diving shop which always exists sustainably as its goal for marine life protection is Fuvamulah Diving Centre.Knowledgeable local scuba guides staff this dive centre that offers various classes as well as guided tours.Hence by becoming volunteers at Fuvamulha Dive Centre which also involves itself in coral reef conservation projects or monitoring programs, divers can assist in safeguarding the priceless underwater ecosystems on the island.

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4. Extreme Dive Fuvahmulah

Olige Maldives Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Extreme Dive Fuvahmulah, was established in 2006 as a sister company to Extreme Maldives which hosts big brands such Sheraton Maldives. We have been in the service industry for more than ten years and therefore we know what our clients want.

This is a two-floor dive centre that comes fully furnished. On the ground floor, there is an equipment room that can accommodate twenty divers and their gear, an office, classroom, compressor room, store and wet area where cleaning equipments are usually done. The first floor has got a small swimming pool measuring 4.5 meters deep which is excellent for training dives into confined spaces. There is also a sun deck and Karaoke bar located next to the swimming pool area.

There seasoned local dive experts who have dived extensively in both Fuvahmulah and Maldives form part of their team. Always ready with regard to getting you where you should be considering the circumstances available. All our dives are briefed by our qualified dive leaders for optimal fun and safety.

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5. Fuvahmulah Scuba Club

Fuvahmulah Scuba Club is found in the middle of Fuvahmulah Island; it is a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre. Everything appears to be within walking distance on this island since everything from local shops, beach spots up to sunset points are all around it. Local dishes or western choices ranging from snacks to beverages are offered by our restaurant at any time they want one as well as creating conducive ambience in which after scuba diving they can relax comfortably without fear of anything happening to them because all their necessary equipments during diving adventures may be met at this dive center.

Thus far they have transformed themselves from being just a small team when starting up into bigger and better teams that can take in more guests without affecting the quality and safety of their diving trips due to the assistance as well as market demand from their loyal divers when they first started operating since 2020. Moreover, they are now recognized as PADI 5 Star Dive Centers.

6. Pelagic Divers Fuvahmulah

Pelagic Divers is a well-known diving center located in Fuvahmulah, Maldives. This dive centre is entirely owned by the Maldives and employs only local guides. It is operated by instructor Ahmed Inah who comes from Fuvahmulah. They specialize in small, high-quality dives with a maximum of 12 people per boat and a guide to guest ratio of 1:4. Therefore, visitors have a greater chance for privacy and safer shark diving experience in the whole Maldives. The team members are more than just workmates; they are also friends who have spent time together underwater.

7.Scuba Shark Fuvahmulah

The PADI dive facility provides comprehensive services such as lessons and tours. For you to come across Fuvammulah’s amazing marine life, they will take you to the best place at the right time.

8. Shark Island Dive

Shark Island Dive was the initial snorkelling spot recognized officially in Fuvamulah island in 1999.They started operation in 2015 under “Farikede Divers.”

Since then, they have worked hard to ensure that their clients enjoy great scuba diving and underwater exploration while maintaining professionalism and safety at all times. You can be certain of getting individualised dive trips that are genuinely unique when you choose them because they like treating customers very well.

You will be fully immersed into incredible reef systems of Fuvamulah and experience an adrenaline rush by swimming with seven types of rare sharks including Oceanic Mantas/Tiger Sharks/Thresher Sharks as well as many other marine creatures that belong to this area.Through Shark Island Dive all your subaquatic dreams may be realized.

9. Shark Expedition Fuvahmulah

Through its highly skilled staff and extensive dive set up, which aims at giving you a safe memorable experience as you dive, you will enjoy the best of tropical life while seeing the most stunning pelagic scenery. Their highly skilled dive crew, which consists of fully certified and licensed divers, is committed to providing you a safe, underwater experience as well as the information and skill sets you need to meet your diving objectives.

Tiger Shark

Tips for Diving in Fuvahmulah

Before travelling, here are some important things that one should know about diving in Fuvahmulah:

1. Choose the Right Dive Centre

Reliable dive centres with knowledgeable dive instructors and well-maintained equipment should be selected when choosing a dive centre in Fuvahmulah. Make sure every dives starts after detailed instructions which respect strict safety mandates are given by the diving shop.

2. Diving in Fuvahmulah: Dive Within Your Capabilities

Although there are dive sites that cater to all levels of experience in Fuvammulah, it’s recommended that scuba divers stay within their limits. To build confidence underwater or for beginners who haven’t been diving for a long time now, consider enrolment in a refresher course or guided dives accompanied by an instructor.

Diving in Fuvahmulah

3.Diving in Fuvahmulah:Respect Marine Life

Respect and preserve marine ecosystems as custodians of water while Diving in Fuvahmulah. Delicate coral reefs can be easily damaged if someone touches or disturbs marine organisms, takes souvenirs like shells or corals or fails to control his buoyancy properly.

4. Be Prepared for Currents

Tidal changes can cause fierce currents to arise in many of the diving sites when Diving in Fuvahmulah. Be able to perform drift dives well and be a seasoned diver who uses the best techniques possible to avoid hazardous currents. For help about entrance and exit points, it is always advisable for you to talk with your dive leader and keep a close ear in while underwater.

5. Diving in Fuvahmulah: Pack Essentials

Also don’t forget that you should include such items as sunscreen, hat or cap and enough drinking water to stay hydrated between dives besides your regular dive gear. Include a dive logbook in your essentials list if you plan on documenting your experiences while down beneath and keeping some souvenirs from all those dives you will make during Fuvahmulah expeditions.

Diving in Fuvahmulah

5. Pack Essentials

Packing necessities like sunscreen, a cap, and lots of water to stay hydrated during surface intervals should not be overlooked in addition to your diving equipment. To document your underwater experiences and preserve mementoes from your Diving in Fuvahmulah expedition, think about packing a dive logbook.


Fuvahmulah’s diving offers an amalgamation of nature, adventure and marine diversity that guarantees a lasting experience. Fuvahmulah has something for every diver including; swimming with sharks, exploring colourful coral reefs or simply getting lost in the tranquillity under the sea. Unblemished diving sites, all year round diving conditions and being far away from everything are its attractions.

Diving in Fuvahmulah
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