Fenfushi Friday Mosque
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Coral stone Mosques of Maldives: Fenfushi Friday Mosque

Fenfushi Friday Mosque was constructed on the site of an earlier mosque during Sultan Mohamed of Dhevvadhu’s reign (1692–701), and is still in use today. There is a sundial, a vast cemetery with finely crafted grave markers, and a unique coral stone bathing tank within this well-preserved enclosure. Traditional landscaping is still there, along with an ancient coral stone border wall featuring two entrances.

Fenfushi Friday mosque

Established on the site of an ancient mosque established circa early 1600s by Kalhu Kamana of the Utheem Dynasty, the current mosque, Fenfushi Friday Mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Mohamed of Dhevvadhu (1692–1701). Nothing has been documented to have changed, and the structure is in good condition. Still, there must have been several roofing changes, but once more, no documentation of these adjustments is found. Between 2000 and 2011, research on science and mosque restoration were carried out. The Fenfushi Friday Mosque structure, water well, and bathing tank all have new metal roofing installed in 2000.

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Fenshui Friday Mosque

Three entryways, a single, central, rising staircase, and a prayer hall devoid of a dhaala or fenda characterise the hypostyle design of the mosque architecture. There is a mimbar in the chamber’s corner, and the mihrab itself exists. With coral stone walls, columns, beams, doors, and roof—all connected by an interlocking dry joinery system—the mosque is constructed on a richly ornamented pedestal.

There is a highly designed coffered ceiling with a central stepped recessed laagé, and the roof is two-tiered with a contemporary metal roofing finish. constructed of turned wooden thona, the major columns are also constructed of wood, and the coffered ceiling and laagé are lifted from the main beam. Surface carvings of geometric and organic designs as well as mouldings adorn the plinth. Artistic calligraphy, exquisite lacquer, and door carvings with organic designs adorn the inside. Conventional oil lamps and reed mats would have been used to finish the floor at first.

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Fenshui Friday Mosque

About Fenfushi

The island lies at one of the most well-liked dive sites in Ari Atoll, where you may see whale sharks and manta rays. It is bordered by fine beaches and crystal-clear waters. On the island, there are local cafes and lodging options for tourists. During your visit, you can also pay to explore neighbouring islands and tourist resorts. There are inexpensive water activities, diving, and excursions available on this island. The islanders are renowned for creating stone mosques and for their tombstones carved from coral.

Island Informations Summary

  • Island Population: 837 (including foreigners)
  • Island Size: Length 1.000 km (0.621 mi) – Width 0.300 km (0.186 mi)
  • Distance from velana International Airport: 110.62 km (68.74 mi)
  • By Boat from Male’/Hulhule: around 7-8 hours by Ferry Boat – low budget
  • By Domestic flight: Around 25 minutes by domestic flight to Maamingili Airport and then by Ferry boat
  • By Speedboat from Male’/velana International Airport: around 2 hours 
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