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Maldives Visa: Maldives Entry Requirements 

Planning for a trip of a lifetime to the pristine paradise of Maldives? However, before you pack your bags and hop onto that flight it is important to understand what will be Maldives visa requirement of you on arrival to guarantee an uninterrupted and smooth journey. For any traveler who wants to visit the Maldives either from the United States or India, understanding the necessary documents is very crucial. Let’s go through the entry requirements into the Maldives for U.S.A. citizens and Indians so that we can help you gear up for your unforgettable island getaway.


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Maldives Visa Requirements For US Citizens

For US citizens travelling to the Maldives as tourists, no Maldives visa is needed if they stay less than 30 days while visiting. However, it is essential that one’s passport remains valid for at least six months since their entry day in Maldives. Moreover, ensure presence of your return ticket and enough funds meant for sustaining yourself during this period.

Once at Velana International Airport (also known as Male International Airport), US citizens have to go through immigration and customs clearance procedures. The immigration officers provide them with a arrival card where they are supposed to declare their purpose of visit, duration of stay in addition their accommodation address.

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To be safe always carry either printed or electronic copies of hotel reservations along with other documents like travel insurance and vaccination certificates among other things. While there are no specific requirements about vaccinations needed by US travellers visiting the country, someone should check with the healthcare provider for all recommended vaccines before departure.

Entry Requirements for Indian Travelers

Indians traveling as tourists to Maldives are given visas-on-arrival allowing them to stay within 30 days only. To get such kind of a visa-on-arrival Indian travellers must have a passport whose validity will not be less than six months after arriving in Male city. In addition to this make sure enough money is there to pay for your stay and a valid return or onward ticket as well.

Indian travellers will go through immigration and customs clearance procedures once they land at Male International Airport or any other specified port of entry. An immigration form together with an arrival card must be filled in by Indian tourists who are supposed to indicate the purpose, duration, and place of accommodation while visiting this country.

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like U.S. citizens, Indians should also carry documents such as travel insurance certificates, hotel reservations if necessary and vaccination cards when travelling to Maldives. Although there are no compulsory vaccines needed for Indians travelling to the Maldives, one should consult their doctor before going for recommended vaccinations.

Maldives Visa Requirements for All Travellers

Regardless of nationality all travelers coming to Maldives must respect some general entry requirements:

Passport Validity: Always make sure that your passport will remain valid for at least six months after you enter Maldives.

Return or Onward Ticket: You have a confirmed return ticket that you show to the immigration on arrival in order to be allowed into the country.

Sufficient Funds: Keep evidence of enough money meant for your stay in the country including food expenses, room charges among others.

Health and Safety: Even though it may not be obligatory that every person gets vaccinated prior entering into Maldives; however, it is highly important people get updates about health advisories issued globally so that they know what precautions are necessary there.

Follow Local Laws and Customs: Find out the local laws, customs and traditions of the Maldives so as to have a polite and happy stay.

Ensure your trip is enjoyable by knowing the entry regulations for Maldives while planning the holiday. This will give you confidence when you embark on that island adventure. Soaking up the sun on untouched beaches, snorkelling in bright coral reefs, or being pampered with luxury at resorts are just a few things to look forward to in your trip to Maldives, which will be full of those moments that you will never forget and treasured memories.

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