Utheem Ganduvaru is one of the uniques and Historical Places in the Maldives
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20 Most Historical Places in the Maldives

Tourism is the leading economic industry in the Maldives. Today, it is one of the main pillars of the country’s economy. The Maldives also has a rich history to discover on many of the inhabited islands, revealing a detailed Maldives history. If you’re planning on Maldives sightseeing, these are the 20 most historical places in the Maldives to visit.

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20. The Koagannu Cemetery

The Koagannu Cemetary is one of the most historical places in the maldives

Among the most historic sites in the Maldives, the Koagannu Cemetery is the oldest in the island chain dating back 900 years. It’s located in one of the southernmost points of the Maldives on Meedhoo Island in Addu Atoll. The cemetery was built to bury the first Muslims of the atoll. Exploring the graveyard, you’ll discover the largest tombstone, stone carvings, and ancient writings about the Maldives.

19. Utheem Ganduvaru

Utheem Ganduvaru is the historic birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, one of the Maldives most iconic figures. The sultan, along with his brothers, helped save the Maldives from Portuguese conquers during the 16th Century. Utheem Ganduvaru is located in the Haa Alif Atoll in Northern Maldives where he was born and raised. The wooden palace is an excellent example of a glimpse into the lifestyle of Maldivian royalty. Utheem is one of the leading local tourism Island in the Maldives

18. Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim III

Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim III is one of the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

The Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim III is the main attraction on the island of Hanghghaameedhoo, located in the South Ari Atolls. Sultan Ibrahim lived from 1585 to 1609 but was killed during an invasion of the capital. Coming from a line of sultans preceding his ruling, Sultan Ibrahim set a royal tradition by being the first king to use a sunshade on his throne.

17. Feeboa Valhugandu

Feeboa Valhugandu is one of the main points of interest in the Upper North Province of the Maldives. It’s located in Kanditheemu, which also hosts several Maldives tourist attractions.

16. Vasho Veyo

Vasho Veyo is one of the  Most Historical Places in the Maldives

Vasho Veyo is one of the most interesting historical places in the Maldives located in Fuvahmulah City. Fuvahmulah City is one of the inhabited islands of the Maldives with locals speaking a distinct language. While not much is known about the island, specific details can be pieced together from landmarks such as Vasho Veyo. It’s a circular bath dug into the ground and made from Porites coral stone. It showcases the ancient craftsmanship of the locals. It is also one of the most is historical Places in the Maldives. There are many historical places in Fuvahmulah other than Vasho Veyo.

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15. Boli Kattafulhi

Many of the historic sites in the Maldives are centered around the few inhabited islands located throughout the archipelago. Boli Kattafuli is a museum found on the eastern coast of the island of Kanditheemu in the Shaviyani Atoll. With only approximately 1,000 inhabitants, the museum provides a bit of history on the local civilization and their fishing history.

14. Kedeyre Miskiyy

Kedeyre miskiyy is one of the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

Kedeyre Miskiyy is the oldest and smallest mosque found on the island of Fuvahmulah. It was established in the year 1960s as an intimate prayer site for Muslims on the island, holding the capacity of fewer than 30 people. The mosque, itself, is known for its distinctive roof, which was replaced by the city council for the preservation of the site. The recent restoration efforts include establishing an information board for tourists about the site’s history.

13. Medhu Ziyaaraiy

Medhu Ziyaaraiy

For Maldives sightseeing in Male, a premier tourist attraction is Medhu Ziyaaraiy, the tomb of Abdul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary. Abdul Barbary is famed for introducing and converting the Maldives into an Islamic nation from Buddhism during the 12th Century. The tomb has beautiful architecture and located nearby many other notable sites, so it’s a frequent stop along with tour circuits of the city. Many visitors come to pay respects to Abdul Barakat and for pilgrimage trips.

12. Friday Mosque

The Friday Mosque in Male is a historic site appreciated for its beautiful architecture. It’s one of the oldest mosques in the city, built in 1658 and now a consideration for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was made from porites, a coral stone native to the Maldives. Elaborate carvings decorate the mosque walls and panels.

The Friday Mosque is still in use today, able to accommodate hundreds of people for Friday prayers. Non-Muslims can enter the mosque but only with special permission.

11. The Tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu

The tomb of Mohamed Thakurufaanu is ne of the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

While you’re visiting the Friday Mosque, it’s worthwhile to explore the gravesite located on the compound. You’ll discover The tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu, a notable historic site for the Maldives. Mohammed Thakurufaanu is credited with freeing the Maldives from Portuguese rule. He later ruled as sultan between 1573 to 1585. His tomb is one of the few former sultan tombs at this gravesite.

10. Eid Mosque

The Eid Mosque is another famous historical mosque in Male, Maldives. The current mosque seen today was built in 1815 to replace an older mosque on the same site. The former mosque included an entire compound, but after being destroyed, the focus shifted to creating a sustainable main mosque building constructed from coral stone and a coral stone well. It’s a reflection of sea culture architecture in the Maldives. The mosque was also proposed to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Ali Rasgefaanu Ziyaaraiy

Ali Rasgefaanu Ziyaaraiy is one of the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

Ali Rasgefaanu Ziyaaraiy is the tomb of Ali Rasgefaanu, also known as King Ali VI. The gated site holds a tomb that was built in his honor for his national service and brings a sense of Maldivian pride for the locals. There is also a mosque within the compound. His execution in the 16th Century signified the temporary rule of the Portuguese in the Maldives, who eventually ran out of the country after 15 years.

8. Kuruhinna Tharaagandu

Kuruhinna Tharaagandu is one of the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

Kuruhinna Tharaagandu is an archaeological site discovered on the island of Kaashidhoo. It’s nearby to Male, also located in the Kaafu Atoll. The site is determined to be a former Buddhist Monastery. This is one of the most historical Places in the Maldives. It used during the pre-Islamic period of the Maldives, dating as early as the 7th and 8th centuries. Excavations are still in the works for revealing more of the historic site. So far, the foundations of over 60 coral stone structures are uncovered, and efforts to conserve the site’s ruins are being made.

7. Aasaari Miskiiy

Aasaari Miskiiy is one of the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

The second oldest mosque in the Maldives is found on the island of Nilandhoo in the Faafu Atoll. Some speculate that the mosque was built by the Islamic founder for the Maldives. The island reveals Maldives history of Hinduism and stones from the ruins of Hindu temples were used to construct the mosque in the 12th century. The woodwork on the mosque’s walls is carved with Arabic scriptures.

6. Darumavanta Rasgefanu Mosque

The Darumavanta Rasgefanu Mosque is also referred to as the Darumavanta Rasgefanu Miskit, a Maldives historical landmark in Male. It’s the oldest mosque in the Maldives, built in approximately the year 1153 with decorated design and a carved portal. Darumavanta Rasgefanu ruled the Maldives at the time of transition from Buddhism to the Islamic faith. He was converted along with the entire country. Mosques began erecting around the islands starting with this one.

5. Isdhoo Buddhist Stupas

Isdhoo Buddhist Stupas is one the Most Historical Places in the Maldives

Origins of the Maldives’ Buddhist history can be found on the island of Isdhoo in the Laamu Atoll. Many of the Buddhist landmarks were replaces with mosques after the country was converted, but excavated ruins on the island reveal remains of Buddhist stupas. The discovery was made after Buddhist images and artifacts were uncovered on the island. The Isdhoo Buddhist stupas are now just small mounds. Archeologists believes that this is one of the most historical places in the Maldives.

4. Kalhu Vakaru Mosque

Kalhu Vakaru Mosque

The Kalhu Vakaru Mosque is a storied mosque known as the traveling mosque due to numerous relocations of the structure. The historic landmark was originally built over 200 years ago in 1789. It was admired for its architecture, being built on a coral foundation with engraved wooden beams for support. Although it was initially located in Male, it was disassembled and moved to another island, only to be reassembled once again back in Male in Sultan Park. Its one of the most historical places in the Maldives.

3. Thoddoo Buddhist Temple

Thoddoo Buddhist Temple

Evidence of Buddhism in Maldives history continues to be uncovered on various islands throughout the country. The Thoddoo Buddhist Temple is one of the most historical places in the Maldives discovered as recently as the 1950s. The temple was excavated, revealing lots of preserved evidence of the former religion here. The site is now temple ruins but several artifacts were recovered here. A Buddha statue was buried nearby, signifying that Buddha may return here. Other items include a Roman coin and other gold and silver artifacts. Its said to be one of the most historical places in the Maldives.

2. Kandu Valu Mosque

Kandu Valu Mosque

The Kandu Valu Mosque has several ties to the iconic Mohammed Thakurufaanu. The mosque is located in Haa Alifu Atoll, although the date it was built is unknown. Mohammed Thakurufaanu is rumored to have prayed here as a child, giving slight evidence of how long the mosque has been here. His father is also buried in the cemetery on the mosque grounds. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque, but the stone and wood structure can be admired from the outside.

1. British War Memorial

British War Memorial in Addu

The British War Memorial is located on Gan Island in the Addu Atoll. Gan Island was a former military base; the monument honors British soldiers who served at the Royal Air Force station from 1941 to 1976. The landmark also includes two WWII cannons, positioned to “watch over” the memorial. There are many historical places in the Maldives to discover unique landmarks. Each reveals a bit more to Maldives history. The Maldives has a lot of natural beauty and many humanmade sites to find around the atolls for Maldives sightseeing.

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