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10 Best Scuba Diving Liveaboards in Maldives

The Maldives is an amazing paradise that is right here on earth, located deep in the Indian Ocean. It is composed of 1.190 Islands which are spread beautifully around more than 20 atolls. The Maldives can be absolutely mesmerising while having biodiversity that is teeming rich, sandy shores that are beautiful. Liveaboards in Maldives provide amazing opportunities to witness the amazing beauty of the Maldives underwater.

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The beauty and fantastic charm of the Maldives Island and the sceneries underwater that is panoramic has stolen the hearts of the people who were lucky to have a chance or should I say, a great opportunity to set their foot on this piece of little paradise.

Scuba Divers are lured into diving in the Maldives scuba liveaboard due to the sightings regularly of pelagic species such as dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, schools of colorful fish and abound are over 3,000 coral reefs.

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The Maldives liveaboard dive boats are made to fit the geography that is unique, a current can be from moderate to strong which at most of the sites for diving may be moderate to a strong. Therefore, this isn’t ideal for divers that are total beginners. It is best to book your liveaboards in the Maldives because the rate would be cheaper hence your Maldives liveaboards budget will be reduced.

Maldives Liveaboards have the support of a ‘dive dhoni’ which is where all dives are steered from. Liveaboard Maldives 5 days follows variations in seasons because they would prefer to take divers at the time of the year that is the best. The ebb and flow of the currents determines the quality of the dive sites and could affect the underwater visibility due to seasonal variations

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Liveaboard diving is certainly one of the best ways to explore fully the islands that are absolutely fascinating, mesmerising and captivating. Which can only be found in the Maldives. It is so easy to tour through the atolls while discovering the best spots to dive without anchoring at a particular resort.  Liveaboard Maldives 5 days packages offer the guests a wide range of itineraries which are designed to the most fun possible out of the popular and common atolls of the archipelago.

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Theia: Liveaboards in Maldives

The Theia is 30 meters long, not more than 16 divers are catered for which makes the Maldives liveaboard diving experience one of the most exclusive. A diver can be expectant of a standard of service that is high. The boat was fashioned on luxury and comfort terms when it has been designed to have just eight cabins. It is much more spacious than almost all the liveaboards in Maldives. Ensuite bathrooms are in each of the rooms which contain a double bed. It also has a day bed as an extra.

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The chef ensures that fresh and new dishes are prepared every day that sweetens the taste buds and gives the divers the much-needed energy. In between each meal, snacks are made which are super delicious and can be eaten any time of the day, Prices range from € 213/ day.

9. Fun azul Maldives

Fun Azul: Liveaboards in Maldives
Fun Azul. Image credit: PADI

Commissioned and relaunched in 2009 and 2013, the Fun Azul Maldives dwell in a position of pride and authority on the liveaboards in the Maldives. Twenty guests can reside in ten cabins and are pampered by the crew of eight members with 3 dive guides. The central attraction is that passengers can decide to choose from seven itineraries that have budgets that vary, this is a facility that only a few other operators offer.

Apart from the various luxuries, the Fun Azul Maldives has a jacuzzi, a wet bar, a salon with entertainment from in-house TV and DVD. And a BBQ dinner on an island that is secluded can be arranged after the request for those who prefer to be on the dry land once in a while.

Varying meals that are sumptuous and so tasty are the bedrock of the service it offers for food onboard because the important part of any holiday that is all about diving is nutrition. Prices range from Deluxe Twin and single bed -$800, Master Cabin-$1000 per trip, Suite- $1000 per trip.

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8. Manta Cruise

Manta Cruise: Liveaboards in Maldives
Manta Cruise. Image Credit: PADi

This is another liveaboard in Maldives. This monohull yacht that is 33 meters long under a cruise leader that is an expert can meet all the requirements of guests that are 18 in number in 9 cabins filled with charm. All with a high standard of luxury and convenience- a distinct class. From the liveaboard, the more social charm is added through the Library, internet, and games.

Halal as well as vegetarian choices are only provided if the notice is aforementioned. Prices range from € 120 / day.

7. Mv Ari Queen

Ari Queen
Ari Queen

The MV Ari Queen takes dive trips all year round to atolls of the Maldives that are well known, It stands at 33 meters long as a vessel, In the deluxe cabins which are eleven in number, it lodges 24 guests and furnished with a 32″ TV, air conditioning, as well as a  private bathroom that as hot water shower. This is one of the best liveaboards in Maldives.

Mealtimes are taken very seriously on the Ari Queen and the fifteen-member crew and the chef all play an important role in providing the best of local and international delicacies to the guests. Chef takes mealtimes seriously and to make the diving holiday an unforgettable experience, a sunset dinner taking on a beach on the island. Prices range from € 134 / day.

6. My Duke of York

My duke of york: Liveaboards in Maldives
My Duke of York. Image Credit: PADI

Fashioned in 2010 and revamped in 2014, it has a length of 36 meters long floating luxury liveaboard. Duke of York is an example of liveaboards in Maldives that has comfort while diving. A maximum of 24 guests can fill the lavishly decorated ten cabins that are well taken care of by the crew which is 16 in number. The quarters used for sleeping are quite spacious, large windows and has all the necessary amenities that can be found in a luxurious property on land. It has an ayurvedic spa to heal limb that is aching with special body treatments and massage.

The Duke of York is aware of the nutritional needs of the divers. While dietary needs that are special are attended to. Prices range from € 184 / day.

5. Emperor Virgo

Emperor Virgo
Emperor Virgo

For a vacation filled with diving that is sublime, many would prefer the super sleek Emporer Virgo. One of the unique liveaboards in Maldives, stands at 32 meters long, it can take 18 guests n this jewel of the Emperor fleet takes 18 guests on a liveaboard trip to the major diving locations in the Maldives. It was built in 2012 and refurbished in 2017 which makes it one of the modern liveaboards cruising the Indian Ocean. The chef dishes out in buffet style excellent food both Asian and Western and the food is of variety and always fresh with the availability of options for vegetarians. Prices range from € 174 / day.

4. Mv Emperor Serenity

Mv Emperor Serenity: Liveaboards in Maldives
Mv Emperor Serenity

MV Emperor Serenity has been one of the well-known Liveaboards in Maldives since it was built in 2016. It was made for those who want to go on trips that are very charming since it is luxurious. With is 40 meters in g, it has space for around 26 guests who can stay in the 13 cabins. These cabins are five stars rated in the standard. The guests have the choice of choosing between a single bedroom and double bedrooms. These rooms are equipped with a hairdryer and a TV having a price of € 148 / day.

3. Maldives Blue Ocean Force One

Maldives Blue Force One
Maldives Blue Force One. Image: PADI

Maldives Blue Force One takes further to sites that are far off, the divers. Only a few other liveaboards in Maldives venture to these places. The plush 42-meter boat is a part of the spectacular Blue Force fleet which was presented in 2013 principally to sail on the waters of South and Central Maldives.  The eleven well-equipped cabins of Maldives Blue Force One are custom built to indulge 22 non-divers and divers in all of its dive cabin types having a very functioning air conditioning, a 32″ TV, hairdryer, ensuite bathroom, and remote-operated light system.

2. Scubaspa Yang

Scubaspa Yang is one of the best liveaboards in Maldives
Scubaspa Yang. Image: Daily Dive

Scubaspa Yang was built in 2013 and renovated in 2015. It has a massive length of 50 meters long and can accommodate up to 38 guests at the same time in a cabin of nineteen deluxe. The option of choosing a twin, double, or triple bed options in a cabin are available. Ensuite bathroom is located in each bedroom with a portlights as well as a mini-safe. Many of the cabins come with an attached minibar. There is a cabin that is specially equipped for guests that are mobility impaired to be catered for. One cabin is fully equipped to serve the taste of impaired guests which is super cool for liveaboards in Maldives.

In the middle of dives, guests can try kayak, yoga practice, snorkel, and also do land excursions, practice yoga, and go on land excursions. Included in each of the liveaboard trip prices is Nitrox. All thanks to the weighty emphasis on relaxation as well as privacy-The Scubaspa Yang is unarguably one of the very best Liveaboards in Maldives that is simply made for couples as well as honeymooners. Located in it is also a fully staffed with onboard 6 professional spa therapist 5-star. Prices range from € 214 / day.

1. Maldives Aggressor II

Maldive Aggressor
Maldive Aggressor 2

This is one the luxury Liveaboards in Maldives. The Maldives destination is well known to have outstanding liveaboard diving at every time of the year. It possesses elegant staterooms which are eleven in number with picture windows and portholes, can fit in twenty-two divers who are enthusiasts while wishing to explore the Maldives warm waters, with every material comfort at the disposal of the divers. There is an option for divers to choose whether they would prefer a single, double or king configuration of a bed. Prices range from € 187 / day

For more addition to the comfort of a passenger, The Maldives Aggressor II has a roomy sundeck, lounges, Jacuzzi, video entertainment, and wet bar in its main salon. You can also find two outdoor showers and three camera tables.

When it comes to food, the cooks that onboard make robust Maldivian and American meals for each diver. On a complimentary note, local wine and beer are in excess although the divers will pay extra when taking more drinks and spirits.

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Liveaboards in Maldives specially give you an unforgettable experience when you go holidaying on it. You get the quick rush feeling when you taking diving trips to the Maldives.

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