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5 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Male’ City

Do you want to experience the mouth-watering aromas and unique flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine? Male’ City has a perfect place for you! In the crowded streets of Maldivian capital, there are many different Middle Eastern restaurants that will take your taste buds on a tantalizing journey. If spicy kebabs or fragrant rice dishes or even indulgent sweet puddings are what you want, then these culinary havens won’t let you down. What are some top-rated Middle Eastern restaurants in Male’ City?

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1. Lazeez Gourmet

Lazeez Gourmet

The first of its kind restaurant. Lazeez Gourmet brings to Maldives only the most delicious dishes from Middle East. They claim to be more than an eatery but also an arena for people who love food connected with the Middle East.

Lazeez Gourmet is located in Hulhumale and it offers ingredients sourced from the most breathtaking and natural spots in the Middle East. The menu can satisfy anyone who loves tasty Arabic food made freshly with old-fashioned methods handed down from our forefathers from middle east.

Indeed, few true connoisseurs of authentic dishes inspired by this historical region will not be able to resist numerous irresistible temptations for which they are well known.

Check out Lazeez Gourmet’s Menu

Address: Lazeez Gourmet, Lot No. 10559 Hithigas Goalhi 1 Hulhumale, 23000, Maldives

2. De Public Lounge & Restaurant Arabic

For those who wish to taste rich flavours of Arabian Peninsula come to De Public Lounge & Arabic Restaurant. It is a small place where modernity meets traditional Arab cuisine and creates something special for visitors. Their savory rice breaking, meat roasted softly on fire’s grill along with extremely sweet desserts all served up with such warmness that remind of home-away-from-home comfort make De Public Lounge & Arabic Restaurant to be a must visit place regardless if one prefers traditional Arabian style food or innovative gastronomy artistry at its best because it has always been welcoming and provided excellent services making it the favourite among both locals as well as thousands traveling around the world.

Check out De Public Lounge & Restaurant Arabic’s Menu

Address: De Public Lounge & Arabic Restaurant, Muniyaa Magu, Malé, Maldives

3. Thoum

The best in town, next to Male’ artificial beach. In an ancient city of the Middle East, Thoum began with a giant juicy bite of Mandhy Chicken and a sip of hot sweet Arabian tea. Enthusiasm, dedication and love for what they do are the hallmarks of Thoum’s fascinating story. What they have turned into today is not something they would have achieved without their pots of special tea that brings their loyal customers back time after time, their cooked Syrian Shawayah or any other tasty Ful and Shakshouka among others as well as sitting on a terrace under starry sky or by the beach enjoying sea breeze on warm sunny days.

They aim at adding amazing chapters in this story by continuing to celebrate food and giving excellence service through serving delicious foods which are all about being an important part of the wonderful tale that is Thoum.

Check out Thoum’s menu

Place address: Thoum, Majeedhee Magu Rd, Malé, Maldives

Middle Eastern restaurants

4. GG’s Kitchen

GG’s Kitchen Restaurant is one of the very few oriental restaurants in Malé city that specialises in the delivery of delightful oriental dishes with particular emphasis on Moroccan cuisine. The location is typified by its tasteful décor inspired by Arab homes. Besides this it also has nice cozy atmosphere and beautiful pictures painted on walls. In addition to delicious Moroccan couscous, meat based ceramics as well as multiple tagines together with other tasty Arabic specialties served here for their customers. There are also some desserts such as chocolate cake, cheesecake too.

Address: Burevi Gas Magu, Malé 23000, Maldives

Check out GG’s Kitchen’s Menu

5. Tandoori Flames

Tandoori Flames is an Indian and Arabian restaurant that aims to provide dishes with unique flavours and real ingredients. The restaurant’s elegant decor ensures guests enjoy the highest level of comfort and serenity, with traditional Indian and Arabic touches. It falls under the family restaurants bracket as it offers quite time for the entire family as well as a playground for children.

Address: Tata Building Malé Grand Mezzenine Floor, 20002 Majeedhee Magu Rd, Malé, Maldives

Middle Eastern restaurants

If you like good food or are simply curious to discover something new, then these Middle Eastern Restaurants in Male’ City will leave you with an unforgettable experience. The original tastes, homely atmosphere, and intimate setting make each one unique. Bon appétit!

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