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Soneva Secret: An Ultra Luxury Resort in the Maldives 

Not only a new resort but also Soneva Secret is a new Soneva Concept. Located in Dhipparufushi, Maldives’ Haa Dhaalu Atoll’s glistening seas, Soneva Secret represents an innovative approach to luxurious individualized hospitality. This exclusive resort has only 14 villas on the beach or lagoon that are spacious, creating the feeling of privacy and isolation plus beautiful scenery in abundance.

The area’s beautiful nature and rich marine life offer guests a wide range of tailor-made activities, including snorkelling with manta rays and turtles, sandbank exploration and uninhabited islands’ trips, scuba diving and other exciting water sports activities. Also outside of Den, there are family-friendly activities for families such as “The Secret Day” or local island cultural excursions too.

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Soneva Secret
Aerial view of the island. Photographer / Videographer: Stevie Mann for Soneva.

Soneva Secret took thirty years to build which is based on ultra-intuitive service analytics, rare occasions and fantastic culinary experiences.

In today’s world luxury means scarcity that in this case connotes peace, time as well as space. Their unique experiences at Soneva match their interpretation of luxury because Dining beneath a billion stars or having sand between your toes are real luxuries. It is about getting back in touch with nature, getting back to yourself. Every sand between creative minds’ feet makes up another story.

Luxury Villas at Soneva Secret

Beach Hideaway

Just steps away from the sparkling waters of the lagoon stands the exclusive Beach Hideaway which is spread over two floors. The master bedroom features an ensuite bathroom with outdoor garden bathtubs, enclosed toilet cubicles indoor showers and his/ her dressing room; there is also an open sky feature above it which allows for stargazing. Behind the house, you will find fully equipped gymnasiums and children’s rooms with attached facilities.

A wood decking outside provides enough space to enjoy the infinite blue of the Maldives’ sky. It is equipped with a private freshwater swimming pool, sunken dining area and day bed that swings. On the ground floor, there is also an open plan sitting room fitted with a large day bed, study area, pantry including a minibar and outdoor dining spaces. Level one features a spa sala for treatments as well as an al fresco dining place with more daybeds.

Crusoe Villa at Soneva Secret

This villa has two floors and offers plenty of outdoor space where you can sunbathe or relax while enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean. There’s also a roof on top of the villa which is retractable so you can either look at the stars from your master bedroom or see the vast array of marine life on your king-sized bed. At the rear part, there is another children’s room inside here having toilet facilities shower attached.

Also included are a study area, fully equipped gymnasiums, and kitchen areas complete with mini-bars and lagoons accessible via private entrances in addition to changing rooms; toilets en-closed bathtubs sinks showers dining section that seats in its sunk chairs. Second-story houses have spa treatment places whereas curved water slides join dining salas that come along with beds within them to water below.

Crusoe Villa at Soneva Secret
Crusoe Villa at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Castaway Villa at Soneva Secret

The Castaway Villa in Soneva Secret is an outstanding floating retreat, the only one of its kind that offers overwater living at its finest. This unique escape, which can only be accessed by sea, was specifically constructed to withstand waves.

It’s a two-storey, very spacious villa with a bedroom upstairs with a sliding roof for viewing night stars and Soneva’s famous saltwater pool including a curved slide right into the water. The master ensuite has a sunken bathtub recessed toilet shower cubicle dressing area. A fully furnished gymnasium as well as a second double room holding an ensuite shower and toilet are situated at the back of the estate from where there are views of the turquoise ocean below. At ground level, there is also a big TV lounge for family gatherings equipped with a huge day bed and sunken seats while a dining area-covered pantry-minibar can be found here as well.

There is also an al fresco eating sala upstairs in this secluded high-end area; it includes a waterslide leading down into the lagoon plus a spa treatment room.

Castaway Villa at Soneva Secret
Castaway Villa at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Overwater Hideaway

This large Overwater Hideaway has got ground floor which accommodates a spacious master bedroom featuring a separate walk-in closet bathroom and toilet facilities. By pushing a button, the retractable ceiling located in that place retracts thereby revealing constellations while the outside bathroom features stone-shaded bathtub shower lavatory facilities. They have their own children’s room close to them which even contains showers within it too.

Overwater Hideaway at Soneva Secret
Overwater Hideaway at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

On the lower story, there is also open plan living space along with daybeds whereas study rooms are perfect places; the fitness centre though not mentioned but fitted with a tiny bar fridge. The deck outside has sunken dining table seating plus catamaran netting from which clients may take sunbathes so that the presence of a freshwater pool is not left out. The curved waterslide into the lagoon, a dining area with daybeds and a spa treatment room are situated on this level.

Overwater Hideaway at Soneva Secret
Overwater Hideaway at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Crusoe Reserve

The view from Crusoe Reserve is breathtaking, whether looking up into the sky across to the unobstructed horizon or down at the crystal-clear blue water below it. As well as that, if one wishes to do so, they may uncover their master bedroom’s roof allowing them to gaze upon numerous stars using its king-sized beds while inside of the home is an open plan living space to take advantage of stunning unhindered views too. In each of the children’s rooms, there is a separate shower facility and toilet. All suites have access to two semi-outdoor en suite bathrooms located next to the lagoon having enclosed toilets showers and sunken bathtubs which are unique for the estate itself.

Its vast outside deck includes a private pool which comes with all necessary amenities such as catamaran nets; therefore, you can also indulge in diving without leaving your hotel room through a water slide leading directly into the lagoon. One can opt for a spa day bed or even an outdoor dining table upstairs which is part of al fresco eating.

Crusoe Reserve at Soneva Secret
Crusoe Reserve at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Beach Reserve

Covered with tropical greenery, this very large Beach Reserve has its own personal freshwater swimming pool near a large veranda for privacy. Moreover, this lavish two-storey house has 2 retractable roof master bedrooms and 2 twin rooms sharing a bathroom; these were built in such a way that they come with garden showers plus WCs only.

At Soneva secret, the resort has numerous spacious living spaces both inside and outside which include study areas, gyms that are furnished fully with high and low dining areas, a TV lounge for all family members to share, sun beds to chill out on and minibars in pantries. On top, there is a spa treatment area overlooking the lagoon, and an outdoor dining sala with daybeds.

Beach Reserve at Soneva Secret
Beach Reserve at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Dine at Soneva Secret

In addition to this fact that each of the resort’s fourteen chefs de partie comes from a different country; hence they have profound knowledge of regional cuisines such as Japan, Thai land, Vietnam, Maldives, Italy, Indonesia, Mediterranean South America, Sri Lanka China Middle East Indian. Varieties of Nordic countries. Hence enjoy world-class dishes prepared by your villa chef in your little paradise

Out of This World

As you dine at the top of their dining tower, wine cellar and observatory with a zip line ride across the ocean world and through amazing skylines, have a look at the unending vistas of the sea. While sitting on the high terrace, they offer personalized epicurean adventures and sample meals. The dining experience among the divine will be facilitated by an in-house astronomer.

The Living Room

It highlights seasonal and fresh ingredients from the island’s organic garden. This is further explained in its ice cream parlours that are specialised in cheese, chocolate and charcuterie where one can find anything variety-wise to taste more as well as more.

The Living Room
The living Room at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Bespoke Dining, Every Day

For your service alone a private chef uses quality ingredients and sophisticated preparations to reinvent some classics, make new fusion favourites or create whatever he wants for you.

Bespoke Dining, Every Day
Bespoke Dining, Every Day. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

So Primitive

It’s basically about a toes-in-the-sand eating experience that brings cuisine back to its origins: meat; fish; plant-based dishes cooked over a central fire pit inviting friendly gatherings here & there.

Cheese & Meat Room

This includes premium cheeses, premium cold cuts and complementary preserves which make great pre-dinner snacks for wine tastings.

Cheese & Meat Room
Cheese & Meat Room. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Ever Soneva So Good

There are always free chocolates produced by artesian chocolatiers such as artisanal truffles pralines. On the other hand at their houses gelato & sorbet flavours keep changing while ranging widely. They may be old school or they might not be too shy about having funky tastes even though these brands tend to avoid dairy products sugar gluten.

Experiences at Soneva Secret

The Spa

A comprehensive approach to health blends recent scientific advances with traditional healing wisdom accumulated over centuries. Unwind, revive yourself again or reestablish life balance through carefully chosen spa treatments offered at the tranquillity treatment room/ private in-villa treatment room option available here for you.

To salute the rising sun each morning, they invite you to join them in a group or private yoga and meditation session on their powdery white sand. Professionals at Soneva Fushi will help you realign your health goals with your way of life.

The Spa at Soneva Secret
The Spa at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

The Den at Soneva Secret

The Den is a tech-free sanctuary where children are encouraged to learn, play, explore nature and let their imaginations run wild. Or get the kids involved in Young Sonevians’ fantastic young people’s program which includes going out of The Den for family adventures exploring an amazing natural environment around this resort.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

This is quite a fascinating experience to see many funny dolphins in the Maldives under the endless blue sky. Snacks and light refreshments will be supplied as you cruise into deeper seas.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise at Soneva Secret
Sunset Dolphin Cruise at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

Sonu’s Picnic

Go for Sonu’s favourite castaway activity – lunch on a deserted island cooked by your chef – to take it up a notch. With assistance from their snorkelling guide, indulge in romantic meals prepared by your chef while dipping into clear blue waters.

Go on a trip across the Milky Way in Soneva Secret’s cutting-edge James Bond-inspired observatory. The Out of This World observatory has a powerful telescope, which shows incredible galaxies and allows studying the universe.

Swimming with Manta rays and turtle

Join them as they go around Haa Dhaalu Atoll waters searching for unknown, graceful, nosy and fascinating manta rays as well as turtles. Swim or snorkel along the bays of the island since these areas host wonderful mantas and turtles. There are many places you need to check out.

Swimming with Mantaray
Swimming with Mantaray at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret

So Private

Enhance your island getaway with a meal prepared by your chef on a floating kitchen platform at sea. While a range of delicious dishes are being prepared by your chef, don’t leave out their house reef just take a quick dip in the crystal blue water.

Castaway Picnic

If you desire an authentic castaway experience go with them to one of their private sandbanks. Have some time inside their boat because as it sails towards this island you’ll have to bring along a picnic basket, sun cream, umbrella plus your snorkel gear too. Once everything is set up for you they will keep quiet so that you can feel like someone who has been abandoned alone in a remote place.

Marine Biology and Dive Center at Soneva Secret

Soneva Secret can provide guests with an amazing opportunity to explore the deep depths of the ocean since there are lots of breathtaking diving sites near the resort where PADI instructors work full-time.

Marine Biology and Dive Center at Soneva Secret
Marine Biology and Dive Center at Soneva Secret. Photo Credits: Soneva Secret
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