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5 Best Maldives Underwater Restaurants

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Travelling the unknown and unexplored comes with several benefits. It allows you to set your soul on fire and do what you desire to do. When you start exploring various places, like Maldives underwater restaurants you will get to realise that there are a lot of things for you to see and discover since you only occupy such a very tiny place in the world.

In the same way, travelling will significantly help you broaden your perspective in several ways. This is one great way to realise that there are far bigger things than the things you currently feel, think and experience.

Travelling enables you to see that the planet you live on does not only revolve around you. When you travel, you will unveil the reality of how others live and what they need to deal with in their daily lives.
If you don’t travel, then you are missing a lot! What are you doing if you don’t travel? Don’t you think it is high time to explore the world while you still can and while there is time?! Then, you’ve got to start delving into the wonderful places that could help you live life to the fullest.

The next time you travel on your own, with someone special or with your closest friends, why not explore the Maldives underwater restaurants? Aside from this island’s very idyllic sceneries, did you know that the Maldives is known for having the best underwater restaurants that serve mouthwatering and gratifying foods that you can never find anywhere else?

Not to mention, one of the best things about travelling is the new cuisines that you can try and enjoy during your stay. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss this one great opportunity! However, it’s not that easy to find these restaurants especially if you are not familiar with the area or when your travel companion has different preferences.

So, to help you learn more about these stunning Restaurants, here are the Maldives Underwater Restaurants that you can check out just in case you happen to make a journey there someday!

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5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant: Maldives underwater restaurants

Ithaa - Maldives Underwater Restaurants
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

Uncovering the charm of undersea restaurants, we have the mother of pearl, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Ithaa is one of the first Maldives underwater restaurants and also the world’s first undersea restaurant. This diner is the most amazing and world’s best restaurant which is five meters below the surface. It offers 180-degree panoramic views of the amazing coral gardens surrounding it.

It provides you with a dining experience of a lifetime with fusion menus matched with fine wines. In 2014, the restaurant was rated by the New York Daily News, as the most beautiful restaurant around the globe, and now it is the most appealing place to reserve for private weddings, dining, and special occasions.

The diner is primarily designed to allow guests to take pleasure in an out-of-the-ordinary holiday; you can stay connected with your network through free Wi-Fi, this place is well equipped with a Kids’ playroom and also comes with exhaustive shower facilities.
Aside from these, there are also complimentary breakfast and lunch snacks for guests to enjoy.

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This extraordinary Ithaa Maldives underwater restaurant is found in South Ari Atoll, Conrad Maldives, 2034. It can be accessed easily by a brief local flight to a neighbouring island where you get a speed launch transfer or through a 30-minute seaplane flight.


Here, the experience begins before getting to Conrad Maldives. It is important to notify the management of your travel plans and flight details, and everything is catered for. Travellers checking in between 6 am and 4 pm take the seaplane flight, between 4 pm and 10 pm the brief local flight followed by a speedboat ride, or you can hit the island through a deluxe 3-hour yacht charter, depending on your plans with the management.

Also at the Male International Airport, there is a private lounge to ensure a stress-free arrival at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. When you finally reach the destination, you will head to counter 19 where you will meet the staff who will take care of your check-in and transfer.

Opening Hours

The Ithaa, Maldives underwater restaurants is open daily between 7 am – 10 pm except on Tuesdays and 7 am – 5 pm for complimentary access. You can warm up your morning with champagne.

Major cuisines available

Its contemporary European cuisine is indeed a place you will feel at home. The cuisine is in a six-course set dinner menu, four-course lunch menu offering lighter fare, and you can entice your stay with private booked mid-morning cocktails.

You can also add a local flavored blended wine to your lunch or dinner menu to experience the feel of western influences.

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4. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant: Maldives underwater restaurants

5.8 Maldives Undersea Restaurant
Photo Credits: Hurawalhi

This is just another Maldives’ trendiest restaurant to expand your perspective about nature enhanced by human thinking and technology in construction. It is interesting to note that the Undersea Restaurant is now the largest underwater dining venue in the world. One of the best Maldives underwater restaurants

This is one of a kind restaurant to send your sense souring and be swept off your feet. It’s at Hurawalhi served 5.8 meters under the sea. It is an extraordinary masterpiece designed to blow minds away and to bring the essence of natural beauty.


The restaurant is located in Hurawalhi in the north of the pristine Lhaviyani Atoll, a 40-minute seaplane flight from Male’ International Airport (MLE).

Opening hours

This popular restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. And you can request for a Private Champagne Breakfast to spice up your day. The restaurant is opened for two sittings, for lunch from 12.00 to 14.00 and for dinner 18.15. The check-in time is after 2:00 pm and check-out before 12:00 pm.

Major cuisines available

This exquisite restaurant is one of a kind when it comes to its inventive dishes for lunch and dinner. It’s a place worth a try for special occasions, with its dishes ranging from Vegetarian-friendly dishes, Seafood, Vegan Options and Local cuisine which are not complete without the smoked lobster and sea urchin mousse.

However, please be reminded that the menus can vary based on season and the chef’s current culinary inspiration since they are indicative.


Booking has never been made easier than this. You can download the restaurant’s application from the Google play store or the AAP app to book and make reservations at the comfort of your home. You can also make reservations by visiting the website or via email at reservations@hurawalhi.com.

Booking is confirmed with the guest at Kuredu Island Resort upon arrival. The prices range from $225.00 to $280.00 and do not include the transfer cost from Kuredu to Hurawalhi which is $25 per person. The voucher is added to the Hurawalhi team upon arrival. The minimum visiting age is 15 years.

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3. Minus Six Meters Undersea Restaurant

Minus six -Maldives udnerwater-restaurant
Photo Credit: OZEN

This must do restaurant has the most amazing features that give a new meaning to undersea restaurants. Minus Six Meters restaurant just as the name, it is situated 6 meters below sea level which makes it an outstanding one.

This resort is well fitted as it is Wheelchair Accessible with Full Bar, Free Wifi, Table Service, Reservations and serves alcohol, wine, and beer. The restaurant has been awarded a winner certificate of Excellence 2019.


It is located at OZEN by Atmosphere, Maadhoo Island, South Malé Atoll, Maadhoo Island 20094, Maldives.

Opening hours

Well fitted with incredible food and wine, the restaurant opens Saturday-Sunday from 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

Major cuisines available

The desert here will give you an experience of a lifetime. You will enjoy exotic exceptional Modern Seafood cuisine while catching a glimpse of fine sea creatures that can be enjoyed 6 meters below the surface.

It is an exemplary place to dine seafood and other special diets such as Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian-Friendly dishes, and Vegan Options.


To book a chance to explore the superb food and drinks in this restaurant, you can call +9604002222 or fax at+9604002233. You can also visit the website for more instructions. It is highly advised to book in advance to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

2. SEA Restaurant

Sea - Maldives Underwater Restaurants
Photo Credits: Anantara

This is another experience you wouldn’t want to miss out. Sea restaurant will give you an opportunity to uncover the gourmet paradise with surreal ocean viewing. It is now the world’s first underwater wine cellar.

Indeed, it will give you an experience of a lifetime with its flawless degustation menus for lunch and dinner. The Sea Restaurant has been voted the best Underwater Restaurant for 4 years in a row. Its beautiful curved glass wall gives it an elegant underwater venue that gives a perfect backdrop for private celebrations.


The SEA restaurant is located at Anantara Kihavah Maldives and is at 6 meters below the ocean giving you a perfect reflection of Indian Ocean sea life.

Opening hours

The restaurant is open for lunch from 12.00 pm to 02.00 pm and dinner from 06.30 pm to 10.00 pm.

Major cuisines available

This diner can ensure the best dining experience as you watch the sea creatures swim while at the same time savoring gourmet dining at its finest. Here, you start your day with a four-course Champagne breakfast. You can enjoy the various cuisines on the flawless menu and add to it a vegetarian menu.

Spice up your dinner and lunch menu with the world’s richest wines that come with rare and vintage labels. It’s an experience you will never want to miss out for sure.

Booking and cost

For booking and details, you can contact +960 660 1020 or email at kihavahmaldives@anantara.com.

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1. Subsix Restaurant

Subsix - Maldives Underwater Restaurants
Photo credits: Niyama

This is definitely one of the amazing Maldives underwater restaurants. With its amazing food and its outstanding features, guests will surely be provided with a lifetime experience. It is a superb place to be with your loved ones. It is situated 6 meters under and has an underwater playground where you get a beautiful view of Parrotfish swimming past shoals of Moorish Idols.


This extraordinary restaurant is located at Niyama resort

Opening hours

The restaurant is open for lunch from 2:00 noon – 2:30 pm and Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9:00 pm for Underwater Glow Party. Special events are communicated on the island.

Major cuisines available

The restaurant is, by all means, worthy coming for dinner, lunch and also a sunset drink. It is a home for all cuisines seafood, international diet, and a vegetarian-friendly diet that will keep you coming for more.

Booking a

For booking and reservations call +960 676 2828 or email at reservations@niyama.com.


In a nutshell, traveling is mind-blowing. Truth is, seeing a place that you have never seen or visited in the past, being in places that people live on a daily basis, and temporarily forgetting the beauty of your own place and become completely dazed of unfamiliar surroundings, and knowing that at times places are distinct from where you were born and reside – all these simply leave you wondering how miraculous life really is! Should you wish to improve the quality of your life, go travel!

Now that you already have very detailed information about Maldives Underwater Restaurants, for sure, you won’t have to guess what appropriate diner you will choose to treat yourself, your significant other, friends or loved ones when you visit there one day.

But, do not just settle for what is written in this article, you have to make sure that you go, see and experience it for yourself whether what was written here is real or not!

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