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The 10 Best Maldives Adults Only Resorts

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There is a reason why the Maldives is ranking high among the best honeymoon destinations of all time. One of those reasons is how it always leaves room for passion and romance. In this article we will focus on Maldives Adults only Resorts.

The Maldives has plenty of family-friendly accommodations at various price ranges.  However, if you’re a couple, newly-weds, married for a while, or with a budding relationship, the Maldives can also be the perfect spot for you.

This idyllic archipelago is home to the best resorts reservedly built to provide an excellent time for couples. With its beautiful daytime vistas and epicurean nighttime pleasures, it’s almost too delightful not to visit.

Also, nothing beats a view of sunrises and sunsets looming over the blue expanse of the sea. If this isn’t paradise, we’re not sure what else is. So save up, pack up, and get ready for the best 10 adults only resorts in the Maldives.

1. Hurawalhi Island Resort

Let’s start with the fact that there are no children on the island, so that very much qualifies it as an one of the best Maldives Adults Only Resorts. Aside from that, you’re offered superb luxuries over and underwater, literally! This five-star resort showcases the champagne pavilion of the tropical aesthetic, with over-the-water villas that are open to soothing panoramic views. You’re also offered the experience of dining in the world’s largest underwater restaurant where a glass cave of ocean wonders surrounds you as you eat.

For sure, you won’t be running out of things to do here, given the amenities dedicated to sports, exercise, and relaxation. This area has also grown to be a nesting home for green sea turtles, so you can also look forward to encountering some during your visit. With such sights to behold, we can guarantee that a day isn’t enough to enjoy all that the Hurawalhi Resort can offer, so you might as well cross an entire week for this getaway. It is one of the best Maldives Adults only Resorts.

2. Komandoo Island Resort

Either you’re looking for a stimulating adventure or something a little lowkey; there’s something to suit your preference here. This resort doesn’t run low on their supply for Maldivian relaxation, given their Jacuzzi water villas, spa and massage parlors, and of course, the beach lounges.

On the other hand, there can be nothing as breathtaking for an ocean lover to be going snorkeling with turtles and sharks, and doing it with your partner can be the ultimate experience of a lifetime.

You can look forward to feast your senses on their all-inclusive buffet packages in their beautifully designed, visually pleasing open–aired tropical restaurants. Their villas’ aesthetics don’t come short of cozy and stylish as well, so you can enjoy your evenings as much as your mornings. Komandhoo can be considered as one of the top Maldives Adults Only Resorts.

3. Niyama Private Islands

Niyama Private Island is a one of the well known Maldives Adults only Resorts. If water sports, boat trips, and surfing are your favorite activities as a couple, steer your radar to this island. Enjoy your luxuries barefoot in nature’s playground that offers a wide range of activities for every kind of person.

Although this resort isn’t exclusive to adults and may host a few families now and then, it’s still hard to say no to their showcased lavish amenities and trendsetting aesthetic.

The setting’s carefree atmosphere, paired with the expansive vista of pearly white fine sand and crystal-clear cerulean waters, will truly take your breath away. So make sure you have your battery packs full for this vacation.

4. Anantara Veli Resort

Five star rated, luxurious, yet simple, this isn’t one of those resorts who promise you everything all at once. In fact, Anantara Veli is one that focuses on what a love ridden experience should be, and that is the opportunity to create experiences that can help them grow and enjoy each other’s company.

While the resort in its entirety has a wholesome and family-friendly atmosphere, filled with water sports, snorkeling, and swimming activities. Furthermore, it also has an island offshoot with Maldivian over–the–water bungalows that are solely for adults only.

This is as well an excellent destination for your culinary excursions and if you want to try the authentic Ayurvedic spa and massages. With the overall tropical aesthetic, comfortably luxury, and soothing ambiance of the amenities, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Anantara Veli. Anantara Veli is one of the very popular Maldives Adults only Resorts among the visitors.

5. Veligandu Island Resort

If you prefer a solely adult and kid-free vacation, then choosing the island of Veligandu for a sought-after romantic getaway makes for a great choice.

With their tropically designed amenities and lodging furnished with modern and high-tech accessories, it’s unlikely for many to believe that this is one of the country’s oldest tourist destinations.

This Veligandu Island Resort promises a pure paradise, full of ease and relaxation. There are activities in line for those who want to burn their energy during the daytime, but one thing that most tourists adore with this resort is the spectacular view of the glistening blue from the shore to the coast.

6. Centara Ras Fushi Spa and Resort

When talking about adult-only resorts in the Maldives, this is one of the top places. Its high-quality services, opulent amenities, and the overall satisfaction of their past clients is the reason behind that. Their superior overwater accommodations and beachside services are already something to look forward to, but their adult-only vacation packages offer you the enjoyment of your energy and spirits.

You are guaranteed rejuvenation in the Centara Ras Fushi as much as you are promised thrill and indulgence. Surely, this is an experience that will have you looking forward to the next trip to the country.

7. Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

Enjoy privacy on a whole new level with this white sand island perfect for intimate excursions and outings. The Adaaran Prestige Water Villas offer you great food and service, alongside the wide array of activities and adventures you can try out.

Furthermore, this resort provides a warm and cozy place to rekindle relationships, without the fuss of families and other large groups around. Another great thing you can experience in this resort is their Chinese reflexology center, which will surely energize your body for a new day of activities.

To end the day on a high note, enjoy a relaxing dinner by the sea, where you get a view of the moonlight shining over the turquoise Maldivian waters – indeed a sight to see.

8. The Residence Maldives at Falhumaafushi

The best ocean resorts are ones designed to suit the surrounding environment, and the structures at Residence Maldives exude this kind of tropical sustainability. The cozy ambiance welcomes every traveler to a rejuvenating paradise that will surely bring more life into their relationship, and you won’t have to worry about children in this resort, too.

This resort offers a one–of–a–kind experience at sea, where you can try dolphin spotting, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, and even deep-sea fishing. Their dining and wellness amenities are also well-kempt and stylish, with an accommodating staff to cater to your needs. Here, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

9. Mirihi Island Resort

aldives Adults Only Resorts

A rather intimate resort with just the right number of amenities and breathtaking views to give you a great romantic vacation is the island resort of Mirihi. Since it is in one of the country’s smaller islands, this resort doesn’t promise the space that other resorts offer.

However, it can cater to excursions and adventures that can give you the bang for your buck. It also offers massage and spa sessions to relax your body after a long day of water sports and swimming. This is an option you can consider if you are on the hunt for the Maldives budget resorts that will not be breaking the bank. Mirihi is one the best Maldives Adults only Resorts.

10. Vilamendhoo Resort

If you prefer something uncomplicated and straightforward, then the Vilamendhoo Resort is the one for you. This one offers the quintessential island getaway of a lifetime, complete with the classic sea experience package with scuba diving, snorkeling, and many water sports.

Here, you can rejuvenate both your bodies and your relationship with their unique dining and spa treatments, as well. Many of these high–end adult-only resorts in the Maldives can cost you a fortune, so going for the Vilamendhoo, which has designated family areas, can give you a more economical offer.

Wrapping Up

Many of us don’t have the time and money to go on vacations all the time, but when we do get that chance, booking a destination can make or break the entire experience.

It may be a given that we all share a love for children, but having them around can spoil the fun we would like to share with our partners. This is why we compiled the best 10 Maldives Adults only resorts for you to be guided about what that country can offer you and your relationship.

Taking a vacation to a place like the Maldives is also a good way for you to prepare for what may be the best adventure of your life. With that, we hope that this list will be of help to you and that we wish you only the best with the love of your life.

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