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The Muraka: Maldives Underwater Hotel

Maldives Underwater Hotel ‘The Muraka’ is one of the most exclusive hotel villas in the world. Visit the Maldives to experience the best underwater hotel. The Muraka is sure to deliver one of the most memorable hotel experiences of your life. The full-service villa provides everything you need for a fantastic stay on the property. It was inspired and designed with luxury in mind, making it one of the highlight villas of the entire Conrad Maldives hotel. From the moment you step inside the doors of the Muraka, you’ll be transported to an entirely new world, in your private paradise. It’s one of the most sought-after villas stay for anyone traveling to the Maldives. Its exclusivity puts it on the bucket list of anyone who knows about it.

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About The Muraka

Maldives Underwater Hotel Muraka Villa
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

Maldives Underwater Hotel The Muraka is located away from the main hotel property, giving it the privacy and exclusivity that it deserves when spending a night at the villa. It’s the only villa in sight and transportation is recommended when traveling between the main island and the villa. To reach the Muraka, you’ll be transported via cart along the stretch of the boardwalk leading up to the property. You can also choose to take a speed boat to arrive at the Muraka.

The First Floor of The Muraka

Reception at the Maldives at the Muraka Villa
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

The Muraka villa is a two-story villa, designed with exceptional attention to detail. Upon entry, you’ll enter the main room and lounge, looking out to a view of the Indian Ocean. The large space contains everything you need for comfort and entertaining. Two couches spread around the room to enjoy views of the water or the flat screen television mounted on the wall. The main room also contains a fully-stocked bar. The bar has everything you need to settle into the amazing villa, including liquors, wine, champagne, and even hors d’oeuvre to snack on. Walk from the main room to the connecting sundeck, one of two found within the villa. Right beside the main room is a bathroom, typically used for guests visiting your villa to avoid having to use the private baths located in the suites.

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The Muraka’s sundeck

The sundeck at Maldives Underwater Hotel
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

The sundeck is decorated with several lounge chairs and sun umbrellas for spending time enjoying the outdoor weather and scenery. The sundeck leads directly into the ocean. One moment you can be sitting back relaxing and within seconds, swimming in the Indian Ocean which appears to stretch out forever into the horizon. The turquoise blue waters compliment the color aesthetics of the décor on the deck. There is even an outdoor shower built on the deck with water raining down from overhead.

The first level of the Muraka also includes a second sundeck. The deck is located on the opposite side of the sundeck extending from the main room. It was strategically placed here to be able to catch the sunset. This deck is smaller but also contains a few lounge chairs and goes directly into the ocean.

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The Bedrooms at the Muraka

Bedroom at the Muraka
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

The Muraka includes three bedrooms, two of which are located on the main level. The master suite includes a king-sized bed facing directly at the ocean. This side of the villa faces the sunset, a breath-taking way to wake up from a comfortable rest. The master suite also includes a private bathroom complete with his- and hers- sinks, a dressing room, ample closet space, and a shower. A stand-alone bathtub is positioned perfectly in the bathroom to face the ocean through a floor-to-ceiling window.

The second bedroom suite is designed ideally for children for families who are staying in the villa. There are two full-sized beds, each positioned to look out into the ocean. There is a seating area in the room and plenty of closet space to support two people. The double bed suite also includes a private bathroom.

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The Underwater Bedroom at the Muraka villa

Glass bedroom at the Maldives Underwater Hotel Muraka
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

Perhaps the most iconic part of the Maldives Underwater Hotel is the exclusive underwater bedroom feature of the property. It’s one of the only underwater hotel villas in the world, designed specially to experience the underwater world of the Maldives truly. There are two ways to view the Maldives, one above ground, and the second below the water surface. The Conrad Maldives underwater room at the Muraka is the perfect chance to see this new world from the comfort of a luxury bedroom suite.

The Muraka is designed with stairs and an elevator, giving you two options of descending to the villa’s third bedroom. You will be going deeper underwater the further down you climb. If you opt to take the stairs, there is a preview window to the ocean that will only be a small portion of what you will experience once opening the doors to the underwater room.

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The Muraka’s Glass bedroom: 180 – degree views of the Indian Ocean

Maldives Underwater Hotel's Glass bedroom: 180 – degree views of the Indian Ocean
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

Open the door to the third bedroom of the Muraka to the amazement of the glass bedroom. You’ll have 180-degree views of the Indian Ocean from an underwater perspective. The room is a standalone feature of the villa, including everything you need without having to leave the underwater environment. The glass dome construction of the room is the highlight. One side of the room, you’ll be looking toward the coral reef located adjacent to the room. Countless fish inhabit the coral reef, and you’ll see the abundant marine life including many species of fish, eel, sea turtles, starfish, sharks, and much more. On the opposite side of the room, your view is of the open sea. Stare into the deep blue as you watch sea creatures float casually pass the glass windows as if you’re not even there. It’s a great way to experience nature in its purest form.

The underwater bedroom includes a king-sized bed and a private bathroom. Even the bathroom is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows for peering into the deep blue as you get dressed. Across from the bathroom is closet space also constructed with ocean viewing. There is a seating area in the room in a capsule area including a couple of seats and tables for lounging around or enjoying a meal.

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Daytime and Night at The Muraka

Night view at the Maldives Underwater Hotel
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

Daytime and night will give dynamic views of the ocean as different sea animals cycle in and out of sight. In the day, the bluish glow of the sea illuminates the room, giving the appearance as if you’re swimming in the ocean. The lights of the room light up the ocean at night, attracting new fishes and other marine life to the area. You’ll be fully enclosed under the Indian Ocean to marvel at the once-in-a-lifetime sights. The room also has an option of closing out the glass view to render it as a “normal” bedroom, but for the price, it’s worthwhile to keep the view open to take advantage of the unique feature found in select locations around the world. The Conrad Maldives underwater room is one of the primary reasons for the steep price of the villa and the reason most people add the room to their list of places to see.

Personal Staffs at the Muraka

Personal butler at the Muraka

Private Bathroom at the Underwater Hotel Muraka
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

The exclusivity of the Maldives Underwater Hotel provides its guests with personal staff to attend to your every need during your stay. From the moment you arrive at the villa, you’ll be greeted by the staff who will wait on your every need to make the experience the best possible at the Muraka.

Guests have a personal butler who is available to assist you 24-hours. There are a butler’s quarters located adjacent to the villa where your butler can be reached for almost anything. Each room comes with an iPhone, pre-loaded with a direct line to the butler and a contact at the Conrad hotel property. They will ensure that all of your needs are met and you’re able to customize your The Muraka experience as you’d like.

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Personal chef and bartender at the Muraka

jetty at the Muraka
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

The Muraka staff also includes your personal chef and bartender ready to serve when needed. Upon arrival, your bartender will be able to prepare a welcome drink to enjoy while touring around the villa and choosing your preferred room to stay. They can use the drinks already provided in the villa or also able to accommodate special requests. The personal chef will also add to the comfort of your stay by preparing professional meals. The villa includes a private kitchen with all the facilities necessary for making traditional dishes or international favorites that you’re used to. Seafood is one of the specialties because of the availability of it. The fresh catch comes in daily and prepared for the best taste. The professional chef can provide food recommendations but open to receiving suggestions on meals to prepare if you have something specific in mind. You’ll have some of the best dinings in the Maldives for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack if you’re craving one.

No request is too demanding for the staff at the Muraka. For the price you pay, they’re aware that you will be expecting the best service that money can buy. Dining while looking out into the endless ocean or sitting in the underwater room gazing at the fishes are just a few unique ways to enjoy a meal at the Muraka.

Activities and Entertainment at the Muraka

Water sports available at the Muraka villa
Photo Credits: Conrad Maldives

Relaxing in paradise can be fun, but some guests may also be interested in getting active during their stay to truly enjoy what the Maldives has to offer. You don’t have to venture far to find fun activities to keep you entertained at the Muraka. Your personal staff is more than happy to get you involved with some of the highlight activities in the Maldives Underwater Hotel.

With the ocean on either side of you, you can imagine that it’s one of the most popular things to do while in the Maldives. From the Muraka sundecks, you can dive right into the ocean for a refreshing swim. Inquire with the butler about diving or snorkeling gear to explore the depths of the ocean from outside the underwater bedroom. The decks are also a great place for leisure fishing.

A favorite activity available at the Muraka is boating. Hop on a boat and ride out into the Indian Ocean. Take a sunset boat ride or cruise out to the horizon to swim in what feels like a remote part of the ocean. There’s sure to be plenty of marine life to discover in any part of the ocean.

There are even activities that you can take part in without even leaving the villa. Take a mixology course with your bartender to learn some of the traditional drink favorites served in the Maldives. You’ll get a detailed course on how you can create the delicious drink mixes. You can also contribute to the development of the coral reef. Design a coral reef with your name attached to it and send it off into the ocean. The next time you visit the villa, it could already be fully developed and supporting marine life.

The making of First Maldives Underwater Hotel

The concept of an underwater villa came from Conrad’s underwater restaurant. Accomplishing a feat such as the underwater restaurant gave hopes that the same could be done to develop a guest room with the same structure. It served as the inspiration for the room, and the Muraka wouldn’t be as iconic without it.

Constructing the room was a detailed task. Engineers, architects, and designers all contributed to the project, some of which assisted with the underwater restaurant design. The underwater room was constructed initially above ground. Once complete and tested, it was lowered into the water by two cranes and secured into its position. The underwater bedroom was the first part of the villa that was completed and installed before finishing the first level.

The Muraka at Conrad Maldives is one of the most expensive villas in the world. At $50,000USD, it comes with everything you’d expect to spend a night in paradise. From the world-class luxury to the exceptional guest service, your stay at the Maldives Underwater Hotel will be an unforgettable experience. It’s not every day that you can find such a luxurious underwater room.

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