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VARU by Atmosphere gets Green Globe recertification

Thus VARU By Atmosphere received the prestigious Green Globe Recertification for sustainable resort operations after a comprehensive assessment which covered more than 44 mandatory core criteria. This five-star hotel is located at the northwestern end of Malé Atoll in Maldives, and it harmonizes traditional aspects of local customs and cultures with fashionable tropical moods to create an unmistakable Maldivian experience.

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For its outstanding commitment towards social accountability, cultural heritage preservation, sustainable management practices as well as environmental protection; Green Globe awards organizations. Moreover, Mei P Pun, General Manager of VARU by Atmosphere claims that “We believe in real meaningful changes and sustainability is at our core philosophy,” Joy of Giving.” The aim being creating enjoyable experiences for visitors while still respecting the neighborhood and environment. For instance we are trying to establish a coral garden in its place in order to conserve bio-diversity. Following satisfactory testing on a frame of corals this year will see the program introduced.

Atmosphere Core’s sustainable development ensures long-term corporate growth at VARU by Atmosphere. CORE IMPACT operates under the guidance of Communities; Operations; Resources and Environment respectively.’’ Mei maintains that ‘‘We are gradually introducing KPIs for sustainability into our performance management planning.’’ It is also important to make these initiatives fun but educative and purposeful for both clients and employees. We hope that our endeavors will bring about significant change and set new standards for tomorrow.

The Atmosphere Colleague Development Programme (ACDP) run by Learning & Development team identifies, nurtures, and supports future high achievers.It was only recently when four colleagues who had been mentored all along graduated from this programme.This achievement demonstrates how effective ACDP forms hospitality leaders.

These community outreach programs demonstrate how much the resort team cares about society.“Give Back Day” is one such case. Moreover within this initiative as part of the program Fivathi Orphanage in partnership with VARU organized a unique Iftar event for ninety children, while also serving as an example of this charity. “Also, in a bid to promote economic empowerment among the Maldivian youth and foster a sense of community ownership, the group recently organised a visit to the neighbouring island of K. Huraa.” During the epidemic, VARU by Atmosphere provided the Health Centre with essential supplies; thereby assisting the local communities. Donations comprised life-saving face masks, fresh towels and bed linens plus test kits.

One way that my resort takes responsibility for its impact on the island ecosystem is to keep its operational footprint light. All activities, including waste management plans or energy saving methods are therefore geared towards environmental conservation goals. In this context examples include an island kitchen garden, paperless check-in service, 99% energy efficient LED bulbs, water bottling operation for minimizing plastic pollution and renewable solar energy infrastructure buildings. Bottles of water are replaced annually by use of onsite water bottling by resort thus reducing plastic bottles used. Additionally reduction on production of waste along with recycling initiatives partnered with leading recyclers within Maldives shall be prioritized.

Moreover, a comprehensive analysis of water consumption is carried out. It is suggested that visitors should actively participate in the Towel and Linen Reuse Programme whereby they can opt to replace their bed sheets and towels every third day. In order to preserve much amount of safe drinking water, grey water is utilized for gardening and irrigation through waste water treatment plant.

Furthermore, the resort also values local suppliers by only importing special things like fish from adjacent fishermen, among other local supply ways.

Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Diving. VARU by Atmosphere
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