Keyodhoo Island
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Keyodhoo Island

Keyodhoo Island. Its beaches, clear waters and colorful coral reefs make it well-known and very popular among tourists. Fishing has always been the main stay of the economy of Keyodhoo. Tourists can be taken around the traditional fishing town. The locals depend on fishery as their means of livelihood and also offer tourist services for survival. It is possible to join them in fishing expeditions where they will teach you about the old ways of catching fish and other foodstuffs.

Keyodhoo Island
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In recent years, Keyodhoo has had many guesthouses making tourism an important sector for their income. Due to its nice beaches, clean sea water and colourful corals reefs, tourists often visit because they want a tropical holiday destination. For instance, guests can swim in hot clear sea water as well as snorkel, dive among other things.

The people who live there have worked hard to make it safer and more environmentally friendly and this has attracted many tourists. Additionally, those inhabiting the area are always welcoming and ready to show visitors around their wonderful island.

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Things to do Keyodhoo Island, Vaavu Atoll, Maldives

Discover Vaavu Shipwreck.

The Vaavu Shipwreck is one of the most Instagrammable places in the Maldives that is just few kilometers away from Keyodhoo Island.


Among others diving and snorkeling are considered as some best activities done in Maldives. Right from the beach you can access an amazing house reef at Keyohana. If you cannot afford it you may visit a guesthouse on keyodhoo for budget marine life experience still in Maldives,

Scuba Diving

Dive sites like these are why scuba diving is such a popular activity here: with so many beautiful islands surrounded by crystal clear waters teeming with colorful marine life, it’s easy to see why! It is home to over 1,000 coral islands that have dive sites for people of all abilities. Manta Point, Banana Reef and HP Reef are among the best diving spots. Those who love dive have no choice but to plunge.

Picnic to Sandback

The Maldives offers a unique experience of enjoying the clear blue water and white sandy beaches by having lunch on a sandbank. You can swim, snorkel or play games while you have your picnic here. A lot of guesthouses arrange such tours.

Sports Fishing

Keyodhoo is one of the favourite sports fishing destinations since there are many places around where different fish like tuna, marlin, sailfish, baracuda as well as wahoo could be found. Tourists can fish during the day or at night using traditional hand-line method or modern methods such as jigging and trolling. Keyodhoo island also does provide skilled guided fishing trips that includes everything required.

Sports fishing
Photo Credit: Visit Keyodhoo


It’s a memorable experience for travellers staying at Keyodhoo Island Guesthouses in Keyodhoo.They offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the Maldivian culture and hospitality. Once you visit this place you will find comfortable rooms where you can unwind and truly experience what life is like on an authentic Maldivian island with friendly staff members who make sure everything is perfect for guests. The Keyodhoo Island Guesthouses are equipped with pleasant rooms which have all the required modern amenities; other than that there are several other facilities that ensure your comfort during your stay.

The island, its beaches have beautiful white sand and reefs teeming with vibrant coral that make it one of the world’s best places for snorkeling and diving. people who visit can experience the beauty of nature, taste great local dishes and engage in various activities offered by guesthouses. Be it a calm or breathtaking atmosphere, Keyodhoo Island Guesthouses give travelers a memorable Maldivian experience.

Jupiter Sunrise Lodge

Vaavu Atoll is the number one destination for sports fishing. This hotel is perfect for anglers of all skill levels because they can organise countless enjoyable fishing trips just for you. Whether you want to relax on the sea or enjoy an adventurous journey in deep waters, their range of fishing options will cater for your needs. In Maldives these guides know where you can hook fish such as yellowfin tuna up to giant trevally. When you are finished with your catch, come back to their comfortable rooms or go to their in-house spa that offers luxury services.

Havana Maldives

To see beautiful Maldives without spending too much money, select Hevana Maldives Guesthouse as your stay place. The laid-back beachfront guesthouse on Keyodhoo Island enables visitors to appreciate the country’s natural beauty.The friendly staff members always aim at making your stay as pleasant as possible.They offer budget-friendly accommodation that suits any preferences while giving a wide range of activities including snorkeling safaris, sandbank picnics or uninhabited island hopping among others which will never leave your memory.You get to learn about local culture while enjoying amazing beaches and crystal clear waters of Maldives.

Restaurants and Cafe

Ocean Bakery & Pizza

A must-see place! It is so tiny with nice drinks, foods and Italian pizzas so finger licking good! This is very warm-hearted atmospheres.A nice coffee shop.

Royal taste

Where should I go for drinks on Keyodhoo Island? The ideal spot is Royal Taste, they have many types of drinks. Good place to hang out

Keyodhoo Island
Photo Credit: Visit Keyodhoo
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